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DIY - How To Make Holi Colors With Flowers At Home

Posted on Friday, 26-Mar-2021

As the kaleidoscopic festival of India, Holi nears, the vivid hues of Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue start to taint the otherwise plain skies. A riot of colors take over the country, with every corner of India having its unique way of celebrating this vibrant festival. Of course, the spread of festive sweets and intoxicating Bhang add character to it. We Indians have grown to love Holi the most but stopped playing Holi due to the use of harmful chemicals in the Holi colors. Owing to the post-Holi rashes, severe skin allergies, dull skin, and days to get the colors off our body.  

Though there are many options of Organic Colours available in the market, they’re expensive compared to the regular ones. And who knows if they’re organic. So, whether you are worried about your skin, the environment in general, or just wanting to revive the old Holi memories, homemade Organic colors from flowers are the best option to celebrate a safe Holi with loved ones. And the best part, you can have super bonding time with family & friends while making these floral colors to bring in Holi. So without further ado, let’s jump right into our Tips to DIY your own Holi colors with flowers at home, without harming your precious skin. 

The Ever Sensual RED

Dry red hibiscus flowers until they’re crisp. Then grind them all into a fine powder. Voila! you have a beautiful red shade. 

red hisbiscus

The Pretty Pink 

Repeat the same process. Take pink hibiscus flowers and dry them until they’re crisp. Then grind them all into a fine powder till you get a desired powder like consistency of a pretty pink

pink hibiscus

The Bright Sunshine Yellow

To get a vibrant yellow take Marigold, Yellow Chrysanthemums in different shades of yellow. Dry the petals of these flowers in shade and crush them to obtain a fine powder like consistency.

yellow marigold

The Soothing Blue

Blue hibiscus or hydrangeas will work wonderfully to get an appealing blue. Just dry either of these flowers and grind them.

blue hydrangeas

The Tangy Zesty Orange 

Legend says that Lord Krishna used to play Holi with Tesu flowers, and the flowers are also known to have a lot of medicinal properties. Tesu flowers bloom during the month of March.

Soak them in water to get a pleasant coloured orange. 

tesu ke phool

The Lively Magenta

Soak Kachnar (Bauhinia variegata) flowers (pink variety) in water overnight, or boil for a pinkish colour.

kachnar ka phool

The Imperial Purple

Get a bold purple colour. Dry some lavender stems, orchids flowers, and lilacs to obtain a royal looking purple colour.

lavender flower

Make this Holi safe for the lil one’s, friends & family at home as you surprise them to a fun Holi Party with Homemade organic colours created out of flowers. 


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