Weddings are one of the most important days in a person’s life. Be it our wedding or someone who is close to us. We make all possible efforts to make this day worth remembering. From designing outfits, choreographing dances, planning our entries to planning a whole décor of the wedding, we try to tweak in all elements of creativity. We know that an interesting and elegant décor is what makes a wedding stand out from the others. Décor enhances the overall beauty of the place and makes the venue look beautiful in photographs. These days, flower decorations have become trendy and are all over the place. From flower swings to flower laden stages, every Indian wedding is incomplete without flower decorations. These days winter weddings are in hype as you get to wear all you want during winters and those heavy outfits won’t make you sweat like a gym freak at all in this season. We need to keep in mind that winter decorations are way different from the summer ones. The availability of flowers varies. Also, summer decorations have a different vibe from that of winter. Some of the beautiful looking flowers that arrive at the onset of winter can be used for your decorations and how!

1. Tulips

White Tulips

Tulips are well-structured flowers and come in various colours. These flowers can be added to your flower arrangements for the wedding and can give the whole wedding a sort of modern and elegant look. Tulips will make the functions look more urbane and can be arranged and designed as per your liking.

2. Waxflower


Wax flowers are used to make the flower decorations look more plush and fuller. They come in lavender, white and pink colour and give out a mild citrus smell which makes the atmosphere around the decorations fresher. Using these flowers in complement to other flowers that suit the theme will work out wonders for your wedding decorations.

3. Camelia


These sweet looking and delicate flowers will add a touch of sophistication to the flower decorations at your wedding. They have a long life and do not wither away quickly. These can be your go-to flowers if the wedding function is bound to be a long one. Even the leaves of these flowers can be used for decorations as they are thick and waxy. This makes these flowers a florist’s favourite.

4. Carnation

Pink Carnation

Carnations are available in a plethora of colours, ranging from red, pink, yellow, orange to white, purple etc. They also come in bicolour. The carnation decorations can work best as hangings on the Mandap or at the centre of each table. They give out a beautiful fragrance which revives you olfactory sense in a jiffy.

5. Daffodils


Ditch the clichés and go in for a daffodil decoration. Including daffodil flower decoration for your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony is a good idea as the yellow coloured daffodils will suit the theme of the ceremony. Adding daffodils to swing where the bride and groom sit is also a good option to revamp the whole wedding look and feel.

6. Sweet Peas

White Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea flowers work as an excellent filler for all your flower decorations. These flowers have a sweet smell and round structure which looks great to be placed in between the flowers. These flowers help in mixing and matching the decorations. They come in a wide range of colours.

7. Marigold

Marigold With Candle

Marigold is one of the most used flowers in Indian Weddings. It looks not only traditional but also smells good. Marigold looks aesthetically pleasing and speaks loud about the occasion of wedding. It can be used during Mehendi and Haldi decorations. Marigold alone can also work for the entire wedding decoration. Flowers speak a thousand words, so choosing the right ones are important. Do not let the cold winter season bring in any amount of dullness to your wedding decorations. Choose these flowers wisely for every other function and make you occasion look pleasing and attractive.