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Signs That Tell You They Want To Be More Than Just Friends

Posted on Tuesday, 09-Feb-2021

‘For At Times Friendships Cross All Bridges And Get To Mountain Love’

 - Yours Truly Destiny 


Sometimes what you are trying to find in the world at large happens to be sitting right next to you. Love, Friendship, Companionship, or Soulmate it has many names. As overwhelming as it sounds, there is a chance that some friendships are truly destined to take a romantic turn. Although it is essential to know the signs, it is also imperative to be on the same page. Here’s where things get super tricky. A thousand friendships stand broken because the other doesn’t feel the same way. Deciphering this is more challenging than the Morse’s Code, Astrophysics, or Human Behaviour combined.    

In the beginning, you seem to think that you are just close in a friendly manner, but with time, you start to doubt that there are more sparks to it than you gathered. Getting to know your platonic relationship and being open to what it holds needs to break boundaries of the criteria we have mapped out in our heads of our partner to be a certain way, and all you need is a sincere and open approach for a love of this kind to bloom and be the one for a lifetime full of understanding, respect and love. Would your closest friend be the one? We don’t know that but what we know is the signs that will help you in gauging if it’s real and maybe something more is already happening.  


1. Harmless Gentle Flirting 

This is one of the first most subtle signs people use to express what’s in their heart to see how you react to it. Which is what we regard as friendly banter, camaraderie among close friends is actually a stealthy sign. Take note of this and notice if your close friends do that with everyone or just you!

2. The Bae Factor

They put you before anyone else. Be it while making weekend plans, visiting a restaurant of choice, being available for you even for a 2 am ranting on call, cancel plans because you called, etc. Basically, you happen to top their priority list. This one is a biggie.


3. Lowkey Jealousy 

Now this one is an absolute sign they take you to be more than just friends. No way close to being subtle, but this is ‘The’ sign you were looking for, to be sure. You might have noticed them behave a certain way when you find someone hot, compliment a person of the opposite gender, or start liking someone else. This is it.

4. Your Friends Circle Knows It Already 

Friends sniff everything. The flirting, the growing attachments, the feelings. They’re the ones to tell you even before the thought has crossed your mind. They keep on addressing the elephant in the room by pairing you both and begging you both to start dating already! The Sherlocks know. If you feel the same way and want to be super sure, just talk to them.

5. The Comfort 

You guys have let all guards down to bare yourself as it is with each other. There is this mad comfort. You guys talk for hours and can’t go a day without talking to each other across social media platforms. You guys have already begun the journey where you can’t get enough of each other without even realizing it. 

6. No Judging 

You can tell them anything. Good, Bad, Great, Not so Great. Just Anything. Because they don’t judge you no matter what, they always try to understand you for you without even a zilch of judgment.

7. The Way They Communicate With You

They are finding ways to call you to give you every little detail of their day. Now that’s what lovers do or friends who are potential lovers. This is a clear sign of the effort they’re willing to put in for you. 


8. They Do Activities You Like

You both are good friends because you both have things in common that you like to do. But if your friend is trying hard to show you interest in the activities that he/she doesn’t like but you prefer to do and like, then this is a sign of a clear romantic interest.


Nothing can be more adorable than two really good friends falling in love and making the fairytales seem less romantic. Make a note of all the little signs before you plunge into it heart first. All the very best this could be life changing. 

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