Do you love celebrating yours and your loved ones’ birthdays? Then we give you more reasons and ways to make the occasion feel even more special and memorable. How? Read on….

People love being presented with flowers on special occasions, especially birthdays. What if we tell you that there is a pristine bloom associated with every month. To know these flowers is to know more about the person celebrating a birthday. These majestic blooms hold great secrets about the characteristics of the birthday boy or girl.

January Birth Flower- Ruffle Petaled Carnations

Symbolism- Love, Devotion, Loyalty

January Birth Flower, Carnations

January birth flower carnations have a rich and mystifying history. They were used to create crowns used in the coronation ceremony of kings and queens of Greece, thus giving them their name. The multi-layered, ruffled, strikingly colourful flowers are believed to have been born from Mother Mary’s tears. The widely accepted meaning of carnations is ‘Devotion’. That is why, the people born in January are known to possess the qualities of loyalty and dependency. Because of this meaning, carnations are a popular choice as gifts on Mother’s Day.

February Birth Flower- Heart-Shaped Violets

Symbolism- Faith, Modesty, Morality, Inspiration, Affection

February Birth Flower, Violets

Because of their alluring heart-shaped petals, violets were once an obvious choice for developing love potions. Greeks first cultivated these blooms for medicinal purposes and to add sweetness to wines. Humility, righteousness, admiration and faithfulness are the expressions violets represent which are also the qualities possessed by February borns.

March Birth Flower- Bright Yellow Daffodils

Symbolism- New beginnings, Hope, Happiness, Rejuvenation

March Birth Flower, Daffodils

Narcissus is another name of Daffodils. They are the national flower of Wales. They derive their name from an ancient Greek mythological character who fell in love with his reflection! Owing to the flower’s ability to unfailingly bloom at the same time year after year, people who have violets as their birth flower are said to be faithful.

April Birth Flower- Innocent Looking Daisies

Symbolism- Innocence, Playfulness, Carefreeness, Cheerfulness

April Birth Flower, Daisies

Daisies are one of the oldest living flowers; according to one belief, they are 4000 years old. Bruisewort is what people in England call these blooms as their crushed leaves sooth bruised skin. Leaves of the flower are delicious and can be eaten direct. When one wants to express happiness and cheerfulness, daisies, with their large petals in a wide range of colours, are an obvious choice. When you talk about the most popular flowers in the whole world, Gerbera Daisies’ name crops up at the fifth position.

May Birth Flower- Bell-Shaped Lily of the Valley

Symbolism- Humility, Purity, Sweetness

May Birth Flowe, Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley has a delicious, sweet fragrance which is arresting to the senses. A favourite of brides, these blooms are quite exclusive as they bloom for a short period usually from March to May. Their downward bending petals symbolize humility, their white colour stands for purity of heart, and their indulging fragrance stands for the sweetness of nature.

June Birth Flower- Enchanting Rose

Symbolism- Love, Beauty, Majesty

June Birth Flowe, Rose

This poetry in bloom has been crowned as a symbol of love and magnificence. Everything about rose spells romance. Roses are available in a number of colours, and each one symbolizes different emotions of love. When you give a bunch of red roses to someone, it means you are completely in love with that person. Pink roses stand for innocent love and admiration. White is for the purity of relation. Yellow is for friendship and care. Orange is for passion.

July Birth Flower- Dolphin-Shaped Delphinium

Symbolism- Positivity, Open Heart, Light-Heartedness

July Birth Flowe, Delphinium

The flowers were named after dolphins as their petals have an easily spottable similarity with the giant, friendly fish. You can create ink by mixing the flowers sap with a chemical called alum. These flowers (non-hybrid real blue flowers) carry expressions of joy. So a bouquet of these blooms is the perfect way to make a dejected person spring back to joy and open up his or her heart to let the light of positivity come in.

August Birth Flower- Sword-like Gladiolus

Symbolism- Valour, Integrity, Generosity, Infatuation

August Birth Flower, Gladiolus

Gladioluses are flowers with pointed tips and tall stalks that gave them their other more popular name Sword Lily. According to legends, when Roman gladiators died fighting on the battlefield, the victor was honoured with a shower of Gladiolus. Thus these flowers are a great gift for people who have given you strength, courage and generous tricks to deal with life’s problems and come out victorious. They are also a symbol of admiration and affection, as popularised by Victorian romantics.

September Birth Flower- Starburst-like Asters

Symbolism- Delicate, Wisdom, Love, Faith

September Birth Flower, Asters

We are blessed with twinkling stars in the sky, and stars on the surface of the earth too! Wondering what the starts of the earth look like? Have a look at the magnificent earthy stars called Asters. An intriguing Greek legend associated with these flowers establishes them as stars of the earth. Their starburst-like shape makes the legend seem true. These flowers and the person whose birthday falls in September have the qualities of gracefulness, wisdom, love and faith. No better way to enjoy your or your special someone’s birthday than with a bunch of aster sitting picturesquely within view.

October Birth Flower- Curvaceous Marigolds

Symbolism- Passionate, Creative, Self Motivation

October Birth Flower, Marigolds

The bright-faced marigolds are ever present in Indian weddings and festivals. They have innumerable uses- as medicines, fabric dyes, ingredients in cosmetics, and food seasoning. Make your loved ones get inspired and strengthen their resolve towards success more by gifting them a bouquet of these sun-like warm and bright marigolds.

November Birth Flower- Bountiful and Elegant Chrysanthemum

Symbolism- Friendship, Happiness, Honesty

November Birth Flower, Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are so beautiful and striking; they have a day celebrated in their honour in Japan. Called Chrysanthemum Day or the Festival of Happiness, the lovely blooms are celebrated on 9th September each year with great fun and fare. If you have a loved one celebrating his or her birthday in November, then he/she is sure to be friendly, joyous and honest. So cherish your wonderful relationship with this person by presenting these gorgeous Chrysanthemums as birthday flowers.

December Birth Flower- The ‘Christmas Star’ Poinsettia

Symbolism- Carefree Happiness, Festive Cheer

December Birth Flower, Poinsettia

There couldn’t be a better flower to celebrate December birthdays than Poinsettia. They have a festive feel to their entire appearance. Available in reds, pinks, and whites with green leaves, these flowers whisper ‘You are Special’ to December borns. Wish your loved one a cheerful birthday and success in life with a luxurious poinsettia bouquet.