Dreamy Reception Of Love

Wedding Reception Of Love

They say weddings are a celebration of love. But they mark so much more. The vows of togetherness, the pledge of companionship, the promise of respect and an everlasting tale of romance. No wonder, the wedding season brings in fervour and excitement like no other.

Wedding Florist

Interflora covered one such fairytale in Ahmedabad that was nothing short of a dreamlike spectacle. It was an evening of dance, merriment and exaltation. And what a celebration it was! The couple’s theme for the event was – A Lush Garden. Think, an open expanse studded with nature’s beauty and an ethereal vibe.

A Lush Garden, Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

Interflora took upon the task to turn their dream reception into an unforgettable reality. The first order of business was to choose a colour scheme that highlighted the ancient Roman structures and the natural aura of the venue. And how better to do that than with calming pastel florals? The flowers used were – Oriental lily, Delphinium, Carnation, Phalaenopsis, Dahlia, Rose and Sweet Williams. And each of these exquisite blossoms complemented the union with its poise, freshness and unparalleled beauty.

Wedding centerpiece

Alongside, the bold blue drapes, paradisical floral table arrangements, intricately decorated arches and myriad organic structures added a pop of colour to the uninterrupted cheer of the function and transcended the venue into a heavenly gala.

But the eye-catching celebutante was the indoor tree encircled by a floral garden. Inspired by the perfect English garden, it exuded a thriving and optimistic spirit that left the crowd with awe-inspiring emotions.

Floral wedding decor Inspired by English garden

Wedding night dinner decoration

All in all, the reception left behind memories that will last a lifetime. The floral elegance spread across the venue, the love-infused air and even the virtuous essence of the space, all came together to create an evening that blessed two souls and gave them their happily ever after.