Surreal Wedding In Goa

They say marriages are made in heaven. Truthfully so! An everlasting bond, it completes you in ways unimaginable. And guides you to discover a better version of yourself. No wonder, each wedding is accompanied by myriad emotions and a special warmth.

White floral Indian wedding decor

Interflora covered one such ethereal union in Goa that was a true tearjerker and a heartwarming experience. One that would be carried forward in every happy memory. Not just for the couple themselves but for all who were present to shower them with love and blessings.

The location itself was enough to complement the theme – Hues of the Sea. Soft sand, shaded sea, lush greens, a spectacular view and more. Interflora’s mission was to blend these magnanimous offerings of nature with luxe decor and a distinct floral array to create a memorable day for the bride and groom.

Luxury White Flowers Wedding Decor

The big day was welcomed with a dominant white palette and all things beautiful. From an opulent walkway to a divine seating arrangement, everything was thought through. The installations with baby blue props perfectly blended in to highlight the all-white tone. And the picturesque beauty of fresh blooms truly shone bright – Calla Lily, Celosia, Golden Torch, Hydrangeas, Eustoma and more.

Luxury Beach Wedding Decor

Interflora created multiple ivory and white standalone installations, subtle yet grand, they garnered attention. Cascading florals, beautiful foliage, heavenly drapes and crystal ornamentation came together to create a blissful atmosphere. Occasional blue and greens were used to further highlight the serene white.

Beach Wedding Decor

All in all, the day was laden with unmatched opulence. The air was filled with joy and jubilation and spoke of never-ending love. In the end, amidst the aura of the sunset, the ceremony blossomed.