The sheer sight of a garden bed full of flowers can make your heart dance with joy. Remember those lavender and sunflower fields in the movies and magazines that literally make us want to pluck out the entire scenic view and pour it into our backyard? Somewhere deep down, we all are nature lovers and wish to tend to some beautiful flowers to add a splash of wonder to our garden and mesmerise our visitors all the same. But if you’re a novice in this area of hues and beauty and have been struggling to grow flowers that last longer without falling apart or sprouting to their fullest, so here’s a pro tip: Start with growing flowers that are easy to grow and care for. So grab your gloves and shovel, but before you dig the mud, let’s learn what are some easy to grow flowers that will give you a dream garden with minimal effort!

List of Easy-Growing Flowers

A vibrant and low-maintenance garden is like a calm and serene chapel in the midst of a noisy city. Here’s a list of best easy growing flowers to build a flourishing bed of fragrance.


Sunflowers, often associated with optimism and joy, are an ideal choice for gardeners. They add vibrancy and a positive environment to your garden. These summer flowers are easy to plant and take only 80 to 120 days to grow, depending upon the variety.



Marigold is the most low-maintenance flower and comes in varied, vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow. It can be grown on almost all types of soils and needs partial sunlight.



Zinnia flowers are as pretty as their name. They require minimal effort and little care. Moreover, these pretty flowers are heat and drought-tolerant and require atleast 1 inch of water once a week. Zinnia flowers are known for the vibrancy and beauty they add to the environment.



Red, purple, pink, and blue Petunia flowers come in all spirited and striking colours. Known for their sweet smell, like Marigolds, Petunia flowers can be grown on all types of soils with partial sunlight. They are easy to maintain and take care of.


Easy Guide to Grow Each Flower

Flowers plant are like humans. Each of them is unique and is handled distinctively. Follow the given guide and tips for planting flowers for beginners:


  • Sunflowers require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.
  • Water them in the morning hours to avoid fungal diseases.
  • Sunflowers develop strong tap roots, so make sure the soil is loose and well-draining.


  • Provide regular watering to these low-maintenance flowers.
  • Harvest marigold flowers only once they have attained full size.


  • Make sure the soil is humus-rich and well-drained.
  • The plant should be well watered.
  • During harvesting, cut the leaf node for continuous growth.


  • Make sure the soil is well drained.
  • Regular watering of the plant should be ensured.
  • Petunia is sensitive to cold temperatures, so select a warmer environment.

Tips to Become a Successful Plant Parent

Our little plant babies need equal love and pampering, just as our human munchkins. Learn the art of nurturing before you enter into plant parenthood.

Virtue of Patience

Every plant is different and requires different treatment and nurturing to blossom into a full-fletched flower. Patiently learn and research about them, such as their precise water schedules, sunlight durations, and whether they are toxic. Do not leave the hope if they refuse to bloom further; get up and try again.

Right Space

Just as you cannot sleep in the kitchen or cook in the washroom, it is imperative to figure out the natural habitat for your plant. Whether they are getting low moisture or being overloaded with misting, the right amount of hydration will keep your plants from dying.

Pruning and Trimming

Regularly pluck out dead leaves and dead foliage to prevent plants from rotting and increasing their lifespan. Use clean pruning shears to remove yellow and dried leaves or stems.

One at a Time

Do not get over-excited and bring a huge number of flower variants to grow. Instead, go slow and easy; start with a few varieties so that it is easy for you to manage and focus on their different qualities and schedules.

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