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Floral cheer for your badass brother : 5 Easy steps to making a flower Rakhi

Posted on Tuesday, 14-Jul-2020

Rakhi Gift

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and it’s time to get planning for some worthwhile surprise for your brother. Since it’s the year of surprises, you could take it a notch up and give it a floral, positivity twist by hand-making a rakhi with fresh flowers this Raksha Bandhan. Flowers are synonymous to mood-lifting and cheer. And who wouldn't love some extra cheer in any form this year!? Flowers were worn on the wrist by both men and women for eons in India and let’s bring the cool old trend back. What’s great about a floral rakhi is you can make it anyway you want, use whatever flowers you like and is 100% customized, hand-made with love and a chance to yank out compliments about your creativity from your brother, if he hasn’t already been doing it. Let’s start with things you need:


  1. Cardboard

  2. Ribbon or thread-  preferably silk or cotton

  3. Interesting trinkets or beads for the ends

  4. Glue

  5. Thread and needle 

  6. Fresh flowers of your choice

You can get this done in less than an hour with eight super simple steps:


  1. Cut the cardboard piece to a circle, oval, rectangle or square or whatever shape you want the shape of the rakhi to be. This will form the base to the rakhi face. You could then glue on some coloured paper to it. 

  2. Use glue to stick the ribbon or rakhi thread on one side of the cardboard. You can even sew the thread with a needle by punching holes on both sides on the cardboard base.

  3. Now comes the exciting part- the flower sticking must be well planned. Make sure you have a well colour coordinated design planned out. Make a sketch of the design on a paper, this will help you envision your design better. Now use glue or thread to work the flowers into a design. You could use small sized flowers like daisies or just petals of exotic flowers. Use petals of orchids, roses, cymbidium and chrysanthemum flowers as they are easily available. For a more exotic look, try hydrangea blossoms teamed with bright rose petals or tiger lily petals with yellow daisy petals. 

  4. Add decorative beads in pastels and whites if you want to bling it up further.

  5. Use tassels or beads to accessorize the ends of the thread/ribbon

And voila! Just like that, you have yet another chance to show off your creativity to your brother and this time around, he would be forced to say nice things ;) 


You would need at least 2 hours for the glue to dry well and the design to set in, so plan accordingly.  We suggest you use flowers that make symbolic sense to your brother. How would you know that? Check out our birthday page, look up for your brother’s birth flower and try sourcing it for the flower rakhi. You could order a Rakhi gift hamper, a cake hamper or a flower bouquet to go with your floral rakhi. We hope the bond between you and your brother blossoms like the flowers. Do tag us on instagram @Interfloraindia with your floral rakhi and let us know how it went!  Happy crafting! 

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