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Eight Life Lessons only a Father can give you

Posted on Tuesday, 16-Jun-2020

Father's Day

From pulling dad jokes out of thin air to the super special way they bond with you, fathers are the natural heroes of their children! From making you believe they were in fact Superman secretly to making you believe into becoming your own hero, what can they not do!? From escape plans from your mother’s keen eyes to escape plans from a lousy date – they are great at EVERYTHING. Here are eight life lessons mostly a Father can give you:

  1. Encouraging your dreams: Fathers are the wind beneath the wings to your dreams. A lot of times, they turn into being the wings too. It’s close attention they pay to what you pick to be at your fancy dress competition and your keen interests in subjects when they draw out your inclinations. And a close watch over this slowly turns into them fanning your dreams – and supporting it in every way possible – morally and financially. 
  2. Failures are steps to success: Remember the time you came home crying because of losing at a competition or not performing well at an exam. The words your father gave you back then pretty much become the anthem of your life. The guidance, the support, the shoulder to cry on, and finally a well laid out plan to succeed the next time – is he less than a genie?
  3. You want it, but do you need it: A principle you start off very young. There are a million things your heart has yearned for – right from blingy toys to a crazy expensive car. But it’s always this one guiding question that will divide your needs and wants and protect you from over spending or simply being plain greedy.
  4. It’s the little memories that make to your favourite list: Fathers will make a big deal about the littlest of your activities. Whether it’s a drive to your favourite ice cream shop or planning for the yearly festival family picture, it’s a gamut of these small moments that make the bigger memories worth the while.
  5. Every little progress makes a difference: Life is not easy and as much as we desire big achievements, its usually not something that comes easily all at once. Your father is the one who celebrated all your little achievements, every progressive step you took and encouraged every small push you made towards the bigger goal, making you believe that they all are important.  
  6. Seeking out healthy relationships: A researcher on relationships, Dr. Weinshenker believes modelling a respectful, loving and good relationship sure has an important effect on children. One thing a father has helped his kids build strong relationships in the future is by teaching one to be themselves and consciously work towards building healthy relationships with all kinds of people around them. It is not just the good ones you learn to care for, it’s also the relationship you might have to handle with a specifically annoying relative that is also taught to you by daddy dear.
  7. Communication: It is how your father communicates with you that sets the stage for how you would communicate with the world. While mothers tend to have a large effect on emotional building of their kids, it’s the father who with his pragmatic approach to life and direct communication that would set the basis for the kids making it a foundation for all dealings of the future.
  8. Money matters: From teaching you to save in your little piggy bank to investment options, your dads got your back when it comes to those unintelligible numbers. He’s your personal investment officer, lawyer reading through all the terms and conditions, advisor and back up all rolled into one when it comes to financial matters. His goal has always been to make teach you self-reliance, and that he will achieve even if it means locking up some of your funds from time to time!

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