Flowers have a peculiar magic to them, as they can brighten up anyone’s day. Their soft petals, mesmerising colours, and enticing fragrances soothe the soul. But when it comes to Indian culture, flowers have a profound significance. From being used to adorn places of worship to being used in rituals, ceremonies, and grand celebrations, flowers carry a symbolic meaning. 

And when we talk about blooms, how can we miss discussing the biggest flower market in India? There is not just one flower market in the country that is of significance, there are diverse markets in India that will intrigue you with their floral offerings. So, read along and learn more with Interflora.

Country’s Floral Delights: The 10 Best Flower Markets in India

When it comes to the wholesale flower market in India there are several famous ones. If you really want to explore the core of floral markets in India, give the following places a visit:

  • Mullick Ghat Floral Market in Kolkata

Also known as Asia largest flower market in India, this market is a vibrant hub of diverse flowers; from fresh marigolds to fragrant jasmine and roses, you will find every option. You can easily access this market from Howrah railway station by taking a taxi. This flower market is always abuzz, right from dawn to late in the night. The speciality of this market is freshly harvested marigolds.

Mullick Ghat Flower Market Telegraph

  • Ghazipur Flower Market in Delhi

This market comes alive before dawn from around 3 am and functions until 7 pm. The florists set up their stalls, curating a picturesque scene where the petals glow with morning due. From fresh orchids and roses to peonies, find every bloom. Reach here easily from Anand Vihar railway station. Gorgeous gerberas, tulips, and aster are the speciality of this place.

Ghazipur Flower Market in Delhi

  • Dadar Flower Market in Mumbai

Popular as the oldest flower market in the city, this place starts welcoming florists and locals from 6 am to 8 pm. It offers you fresh marigolds, orchids, roses, and more blooms. Moreover, you will find lotuses and chrysanthemums in diverse varieties. Also, there is no issue reaching this flower market in Mumbai as it is just outside Dadar railway station.

Dadar Flower Market in Mumbai

  • Mandi Floral Market in Himachal Pradesh

Take a peak into Mandi’s floriculture as you find mesmerising roses and lilies awaiting your visit. Although this market functions from early morning to evening, it is better to visit it at dawn to experience the fresh smell of flowers, exuding a beautiful vibe. If you are a local, take a bus to this place or if you are a tourist, you can reach here nearest from New Delhi.

Mandi Flower Market

  • Cochin Flower Market

Now, this market is surely a hidden gem. Located near the Mattancherry Palace, this market has vendors selling the freshest blooms, from fragrant chrysanthemums to vibrant lilies. You can visit this place from early morning upto evening, there are no specific timings.

Cochin Flower Market

  • Gudimalkapur Floral Market in Hyderabad

If you are excited to know about the largest flower market in India (phool mandi), you will be definitely thrilled to learn about this market- South India’s oldest gems. From orange marigolds to purple and white orchids, every bloom is here. You can reach here easily from  Laxmi Nagar and Shiv Bagh bus stops and pick the market’s speciality- roses, tulips, and lilies!

Gudimalkapur Floral Market in Hyderabad

  • Jamalpur Floral Market in Ahmedabad

This is a popular 24-hour flower market in Ahmedabad where you will easily find fresh roses, lotuses, orchids, jasmine, daisies, and many more floral options. This place is easily accessible by road from Ahmedabad railway junction and is just 5 km away from that station.

Jamalpur Floral Market in Ahmedabad (1)

  • KR Floral Market in Bangalore  

The KR market reflects a rich floral diversity.  Whether you want roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas, or lilies, this market has it all. You can give this place a try from 4 am to 10 pm.  Also, if you are visiting this Bangalore flower market, proceed from Kempegowda Bus Station, as it is the nearest and easily accessible. Do not miss out on its exotic specialities- the orchids!

KR Floral Market in Bangalore

  • Coimbatore Floral Market

If you are in Coimbatore, you can miss out on the spectacular beauty of this market. From roses in diverse shades to jasmine and marigold, this place is filled with the fragrance of traditional and exotic blooms. Although there are no specific times to visit this place, you can do it from early morning to evening. You can take a cab from Coimbatore Junction.

Coimbatore Floral Market

  • Pushkar Floral Market in Pushkar

You can seamlessly find seasonal blooms as well as exotic floral options in this market. Roses, carnations, hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, etc., are the flowers hugely sold here. You can easily visit this place from Ajmer railway station and this is a market open from early morning to evening with no specific timings.

Most Popular Exotic Flowers in India

If you are someone who loves exotic flowers, then the following is a list of the most popular ones found in Indian Market of flowers:

  • Orchids: Native to the United States, these beauties bloom in subtropical regions like India. Our country has around 1256 species of these flowers. These are mostly used in gifting and decorations.
  • Tulips: Native to Australia, Japan, and Italy, these beautiful flowers can be easily found in the Jammu Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh regions of India. Their fascinating colour and exhilarating fragrance make them an apt gift choice.

Tulips Interflora

  • Peace Lily: Native to tropical America and Southeast Asia, these flowers bloom in diverse shades and have a long-lasting fragrance and lifespan. Thus, perfect to gift your loved ones.

Peace Lily

Pro Tips to Make the Most Out of the Visit to the Flower Markets

Are you looking forward to making a quick trip to a flower market? Here are some tips that could help you:

  • It is always advisable to search for the timings concerning ‘flower market near me’ as it helps you plan your trip seamlessly. It is best to reach early at the market to get the most fresh picks.
  • Also, when shopping for flowers, especially in wholesale flower markets, cash is the king. You might also end up getting discounts for paying in cash due to a lack of card payment facilities!
  •  Always take some extra bags with you to carry the flowers back with you, especially when you plan to shop in bulk. 

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