Indian weddings are known for its décor, costumes, lavishness, dance, drama, and rituals. An Indian wedding is no less than a Bollywood movie. To make these rituals speak out for the family, we try to make our weddings as perfect as possible. From fancy decors to exquisite attires we try every bit to make our wedding stand out from the others. This makes this day a memorable one. One such important custom of these Indian wedding is the exchange of garlands. Garland is the string of flowers which the bride and groom exchange as a promise to be together forever. Choosing a perfect garland has always been a task for our dear brides and grooms, so here we are with some important tips that can be handy for you guys and save the day!

1. Keep in mind the colour of your attire

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The first and foremost thing that comes to our mind while choosing a garland is to choose it on the basis of its colour. To make the garland pop out and complement your attire you should always go for the ones that match or coordinate with your outfit. A well colour coordinated garland not only enhances the outfit but also comes out beautifully in all the wedding pictures. If the bride and groom are wearing the colour coordinated or somewhat matching outfits, then they can go for the same type of garland and mix and match it according to their liking

2. Availability of flowers

Flower Garland

Flowers are part and parcel of nature and vary from season to season. One should always keep in mind the seasonal factors while choosing a flower garland. You can approach the vendor and ask him the details about the availability of exotic flowers if those are your choice.

3. Go with your ethnicity

Garland for North Indian Wedding

Flowers speak a thousand words so let your garland speak volumes about your ethnicity. A garland for north Indian wedding should be more on the colourful side. Colours like red, pink, yellow, orange and blue will g well to highlight the ethnicity. Whereas on the other hand garland for south Indian wedding can be of colours white, yellow or a mix and match of both. The best kinds of flowers chosen for a garland for Bengali wedding are red roses. These red roses complement the attire of a Bengali bride and make her look more elegant and stunning.

4. Ditch the clichés

Creative Flower Garland Jewellery

It is a well-known fact that garlands are made of flowers but to give them a twist and a touch of your creativity; you can go ahead by making it a big jewellery piece and design it the way you want it to be. This will not only grab all the attention but will make your garland stand the test of time by making them immune to all the withering that is there in case if you go for a flower garland. Also, if you are going ahead with a flower garland then also you can design it as per your liking and choose the flowers you would like to have and the pattern you want them to be in.

5. Keep your olfactory sense at a check

Hawaiian Orchid Garland

Most of us forget this factor that the flowers that we choose should be the smell that we like because you are the one who has to wear the garland for a long duration of time and choosing a flower which does not suit your olfactory needs is a big no-no. Go for a smell of your liking. This will not only make you feel good but will also keep you fresh all throughout the function.

6. Go for the appropriate size and design

Garland Size and Design

Just like your outfit, your garland also needs tailoring. Before deciding upon the garland, decide upon its size and pattern and try it beforehand because a heavy garland will be difficult to carry for the whole function. Also, check the designs as suggested by the vendors. By keeping these small things in your mind, you can have a perfect garland which will add stars to your attire and your wedding at large. Make this day, a moment that you will remember throughout your life.