An exquisite, big bouquet of peony flowers will always light up any room. Their delicate, fragrant petals in vibrant colours always make a visually striking appeal. Especially when you want to gift some lovely blooms to your loved ones, peony floral arrangements from Interflora are a great idea. These floral beauties symbolise love, gratitude, honour, and all the warm feelings and best wishes you would want to send to your dear ones any day.

However, peonies enjoy a limited lifespan when cut and put together in a floral bouquet. But surprisingly, you can make them last longer with the right care and a few tips brought to you by Interflora.

How Long Do Peonies Last

Peony season is relatively short. These flowers bloom in late spring and during early summer. They flower for around 7-10 days. But when cut and arranged in a bouquet, they look their best and fresh for around 5 days. If you are already looking forward to ordering gorgeous peony floral arrangements, knowing about their limited lifespan may make you contemplate. But there’s absolutely no need to worry. We at Interflora bring you some secret tips to make the cut peonies last longer.

Quick Tips for Longer-Lasting Cut Peonies

So, finally ready to order a peony flower bouquet from Interflora? We bring you these exceptionally charming blooms with a promise that they will certainly last longer with our secret tips below:

Peonies Care Guide Interflora

Always Use a Clean Vase

A clean vase comes in handy when keeping the peonies fresh. Thus, always ensure you wash the vase before it’s put to use. You may use hot water and an eco-friendly cleaning solution to clean the vase. Then, fill it with two-thirds of the freshwater before immersing the peony flower stems.

Don’t Forget to Feed Them

Food is as important for the flowers as it is for any living being. Thus, never throw away the food sachet that accompanies your peony bouquets. It is packed with all the nutritious stuff for your blooms. Just open the sachet, sprinkle the flower food in water, and stir until it blends. The water is now ready to keep the peonies fresh for a longer duration.

Cut the Stems at an Angle

The peony flowers will last longer when they get a good drink. Thus, using scissors you can make a cut at the bottom of the stems- but at an angle! This angular cut promises more surface area for the stems to absorb all the nutrients from the water, also enhancing their absorption ability. Doing this frequently will help remove the clogs at the base of the stem.

Changing Water is Important

Bacteria easily build up in the water. Thus, we do not suggest topping the water in the vase in which you have placed the peonies. Instead, change the water completely every two to three days. This will remove the bacteria build up and will allow the peonies to remain healthy and fresh for a longer duration. In a humid climate, change the water more often.

Cut Out the Lower Leaves

Bacteria may clog the stems so they get ample water. Further, any leaves on the stems that fall below the water level of the vase will rot quickly and encourage the bacteria build-up. Thus, we suggest you cut such lower leaves on the stems for easy absorption of nutrients by the peonies.

Find Them the Best Spot

Finally, it is all about- location, location, and location! Put your peonies in the right spot, anywhere away from direct sunlight or the drafts- trust us, they hate the breeze. You can keep them at the centre of a dining or coffee table or a bedside table; it would just do fine to keep them fresh longer.

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Peonies Flowers Interflora

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