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6 Trendy and Stylish Ways to Display your Succulents

Posted on Thursday, 24-Sep-2020

The latest trend on Instagram and off Instagram in the gardening sphere are these adorable little succulents. They’ve taken over like the Kardashians of plants and we can’t get over how cute and versatile they are! Since they require little care and still make a huge impact in the home, air quality and aesthetically, they have been adopted even my non-plant lovers. Having them is no more about just keeping living plants at home, designers across the world are taking their adoration for the plant and translating it into everything desirable for a home. Be it art on the wall for your living room to creating interesting décor pieces for the centre table, they can be just about anywhere and everywhere. From the notes of Interflora’s designers’, here’s a list of six trendy and stylish ways to display your succulents:

  1. Furniture Fetish: If you love ornamental furniture, give it a green make-over with succulents! These plants are quite hardy and since they come in various sizes, they are easy to incorporate in unusual ways making them a great part of your furniture. These plants can line a portion of your side table, sit pretty under your glass center table or go conservative by sitting pretty as a center piece on your dining table.
  2. Obsessive Ombre: You will be surprised by how many sizes, colours and shapes succulents are available in. Bring on the ombre in its most unexpected form with your succulent arrangement. Get them in 4 varying shades of melting colours and arrange them in a bed display in a plat container. For a wild look, create a vertical garden display for your kitchen or balcony of this ombre arrangement and get your neighbours talking!
  3. Hang them up: Create a string of peal succulents cascading from tiny terrariums or turn a bird cage into a succulent holder. These serve as mini ecosystems for the tiny plants. You can even add pebbles and toy insects, mushrooms and animals for a fun factor. The glass globes and cage gardens allow ample sunlight in while protecting the plants.

       4. Toying around: Container gardens can come in several sizes and shapes. Recycle old toy trucks or colourful tea cups into containers for your mini succulents and this would add a quirky vibe to your garden.

       5. Frame them: Hang succulents vertical on a wall and they will be strong enough to thrive even then. Recycle old picture frames by painting them in a fun teal or popping pink and yellow colour to form a perfect border to your natural succulent wall art. This one can use a collage of several types of mini succulents to create depth.

     6. Little shots of greens: Paint your old shot glasses in fun colours and patterns and use them as planters for your mini succulents. Line up your window sil or parapet wall with these cutesters and watch your guests go aww!

There is no dearth to the way succulents can be displayed! Do tag us @interfloraindia with images of  your succulent displays on Instagram, we’d love to hear from you!



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