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Everyday Cheer: 5 ways to inculcate natural fresh flowers into your lifestyle

Posted on Monday, 24-Aug-2020

Bring the best part of outdoors inside, make flowers a part of your lifestyle. Nothing can make better mood lifters that cheerful blooms. They don’t always have to be an elaborate arrangement and can be brought into your home and made part of your décor in fun, innovative ways. Here are five ways to make your home a little more cheerful and fragrant:

  1. Float them: Create a Zen corner right in your house with a large bowl of water and float some fresh flowers in it. There’s something all together ethereal about the natural combination of flowers and water that sets off a peaceful vibe around the place. You can add essential oils and perhaps even some floating candles in them for a festive look.
  2. Freeze them: Add an element of artsy quirk to your drinks. Add edible flowers with distilled water in your ice cube tray and freeze them up. Add these floral cubes to your drinks making your drink not just looking pretty but adding an exotic flavour of your favourite flower to it.
  3. Table center pieces: Doing up your center piece should be an enjoyable process and not something that gradually becomes just an activity in your list of chores. Try making old mugs, rusted metal containers, old toy trucks or even a painted kettle into a container to hold your fresh flowers. Even monochrome flowers of the most ordinary kind will look bang-on cute in a cute sundry.
  4. Bottle ‘em up: Don’t we all have empty glass bottles of oils, wines and squashes at home? They could all find a cozy spot, either on a window sill or besides your wash basin. Just add some fresh flowers, preferably ones with long stems and voila, you also get points for upcycling!
  5. Floral Ceiling Mount: Have an old chandelier that you don’t use anymore? Well, take them out, dust it up, and use it as a base for a vine. You can add flower food and add in stems of long-lasting flowers, and this can add a great breezy, outdoorsy feel to your dining or living room.

You can also try old rubber boots or Tuscany baskets as flower holders and hang them by your balcony or door. Go all out innovative, give wings to your imagination and over time, you’ll come up with some of the coolest floral décor ideas! There isn’t a soul in the world flowers can’t cheer and there isn’t one good reason you shouldn’t have them be a part of your lifestyle! Flower up and share your ideas by tagging us on insta @interfloraindia


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