Life Lessons You Can Learn from Flowers

Life Lessons You Can Learn from Flowers

Flowers, the beauty that resides within them, the fragrance that surrounds them, the positive vibe that never leaves them is what makes them easy to fall in love with. But are they just that- mesmerizing looks, pleasing scent and feel good aura?

Maybe we need to take a closer look at them, see them beyond the external factors, then we might understand what they are silently trying to tell us. Let’s do it practically.

Take a flower in your hand, any flower. Appreciate its beauty, sniff the fragrance if it has it, feel your sad mood and negative emotions ebbing away.

Now look at it longer, observe it closely, open your internal magnifying glass and peer inside its soul. What do you see? Here is a combined list of life lessons we and other flower enthusiasts have discovered-

Always Start Your Day with Infectious Energy and Freshness

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The way a flower embraces a new day can be a real inspiration for each one of us. Even before the first rays of sunshine hits the treetops, the flower rises from its slumber, opening its petals wide.

The dew drops sprinkled on its morning body is its bath. Once it opens its petals, the flower never closes them even an inch till it is dusk and time to sleep.

Anyone who sets eyes on a flower gets affected by its energy. So start each day like that, full of enthusiasm for the upcoming day and freshness while infecting others along with you.

Be Open to both Opportunities and Challenges

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A flower with its beautiful open petals is an invitation to admirers of beauty and even those who want to use it for themselves. A blooming flower has to face many good and not so good things in a day.

On the positive front, it gets to drink sunlight and as a result get healthier, fresher and more fragrant. On the downside, it attracts bees and butterflies that suck out its nectar, devotees and lovers who pluck it to offer it to their deity and partner, etc. Even your open-mindedness can make you fall prey to manipulative people and also attract those who are likeminded and a boon to your overall personality development.

Learn to accept both with open arms just like a flower does. It’s similar to taking appreciation and criticism with a big smile. Tough thing, but with a flower in sight, you can accomplish it.

Give, Give, Give

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Whenever someone wants an explanation of the purest form of love, examples are always drawn from nature. Nature teaches every living being the act of selflessness and compassion without expecting anything in return.

Even we humans are a creation of nature. Our body is composed of five elements from nature- namely air, water, earth, fire & space. So it is high time, we started adopting this way of living from our Mother Nature. Flowers give us happiness with their positive vibes, make us feel relieved, help us reach a meditative state of mind when we smell them.

What do they ask for in return? Nothing! Care for them if you will or leave them to die away, they continue to give even as their petals are turning brown. A

lways aim at giving love, comfort and things that matter to your loved ones without seeking anything in return. Only will then, you will be living and experiencing love in its true form and not just reading about it.

Learn To Thrive and Grow Despite Negative Energies around You

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Rocks, dirty water, a mountaintop, a flower can be found in the most unlikely places and grow to live a long and healthy life, even though no one cares for it.

So why can’t we too grow and stay positive despite being surrounded by negative people and situations? All we need is a flower for inspiration, and we are good to go.

Bask In Your Own Glory

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No flower ever compares itself with other flowers. Each one enjoys its own presence and beauty. There is the life lesson here for us humans.

Why do we need to feel inward jealousy and anger at other’s lives, their privileges? Why can’t we celebrate ourselves for what we are and appreciate others for who they are? Stay humble, stay grateful, stay united with love.

Stay Natural with Your Looks and Feelings

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A flower is so natural, so real without a trace of any touch-up or adulteration of any kind. A flower doesn’t need any makeup. Of course, we humans have even given these natural beauties the man-made touch with hybridization.

But here we are talking about natural flowers as our inspiration to achieve simplicity, realness in our behaviours and appearances. No pretence, no bringing down others, no fake additions to our natural beauty; just being us, simply real us.

Nothing Is Permanent, So Live Each Moment to the Fullest

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Every flower has a lifetime, in which it blooms to the fullest. Life is short and ever-changing. We must rejoice in every moment, and live it to our best of capabilities before our time’s up. So the next time you experience a dejected, angry or sad feeling, remember this valuable life lesson from a flower.

Be Patient, and Everything will Fall into Place with Time

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In this world of instant food and connectivity with a click, patience can be a virtue hard to inculcate. But that is exactly what we all must have, as most important things in life take time, for example- blossoming of a relationship into something more meaningful, result of a hard work done, earning mastery in a newly acquired skill, etc.

You have to give these intricate and value-adding things in life lot of patience. When you plant a flower, it doesn’t grow fully and blooms overnight. You have to nurture it day by day and wait to enjoy its beauty and calming effects on your mind by letting it sprout buds and bloom naturally.

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