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9 Tasty Teas Made From Flowers

Posted on Friday, 23-Aug-2019

We all need that kick in the day that comes, sadly, from caffeine present in our tea and coffee. But there are other ways to feel fresh and energised through our drinks without letting in the harmful stuff. Have you heard about Flower Teas? We know what you are thinking. Flower teas come under herbal teas and they are supposed to be healthy, not tasty! So are we supposed to put health above taste? Nah, we are not brave enough for that! We are all for taste before health any time. So we have found some flower teas that taste delicious with the added benefit of being healthy. Enjoy!




This Mother’s Day favourite flower makes a tasteful drink. It’s great to start and end your day with. It has a very delicate, refreshing and slightly sweet taste.

Health Benefit-

The tea's aroma and taste offer instant relaxation and rejuvenation to the mind and body.

If you are suffering from cold and cough, a cup of chrysanthemum tea can help relieve the symptoms.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, this flower tea will bring it down.




Tea made from these pretty white blooms is light brown or yellowish in colour. The taste is mildly sweet and very pleasing and soothing.

Health Benefits-

It interacts with the enzymes in the gut to improve digestion.

Packed with antioxidants, jasmine tea helps bring down cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation in the veins and arteries, eliminate bacteria and boosts the immune system.

It also reduces stress and prevents diabetes.

Butterfly Pea



This is the most attractive and eye-catching tea. It has a vibrant and stunning blue colour which turns purple if you add lemon juice to it. Made from the flowers of Clitoria ternatea plant, the blue tea or magic fairy tea tastes delicious with pleasingly delicate undertones.

Health Benefits-

Improves heart health.

Infused with several vitamins and minerals and anti-glycation properties, this tea keeps the skin looking healthy and young. It also has anthocyanin that strengthens hair follicles, preventing loss.

Feeling unproductive at work? Drink a cup of this tea to refresh the brain and boosts its activity function.

One of the most significant benefits of this tea is it cures anxiety and depression.

Antioxidants present in the tea minimize the damage of body cells, which ultimately lessen the risk of cancer.




Lavender is world known for its soothing and relaxing properties, making it an essential ingredient for perfumes, essential oils, candles, etc. Lavender tea also offers the same effects of stress-relieving and refreshing feel to the mind and body. It has a brilliant flowery, earthy flavour with a hint of minty and smokey tones. It’s light and leaves one feeling like that too.

Health Benefits-

Induces good night’s sleep with its calming effects.

Lavender tea is rich with vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. These increase immunity levels of the body warding off bacteria, fungal and viral infections.

Improves digestive health with its anti-inflammatory properties.




If you have dandelion flowers in your balcony or garden, you might be delighted to know you can use the flower, its leaves or roots to make a tasty tea. Tea made from its flowers has a deliciously delicate and sweet flavour which entices the taste buds. And you can even have dandelion coffee that can be made by roasting the flower’s roots.

Health Benefits- 

The flowers and leaves have Vitamin C that boost immunity levels and prevent infections and common colds.

They also have fibre which aids digestion.

Containing antioxidants like beta-carotene, dandelion tea cleanses the body of toxins and prevents cell damage.




Beautiful to look at, delicious to taste, and easily available, it’s no wonder tea made from Hibiscus flower is one of the most loved flower teas. Hibiscus tea has a fruity, sweet, sour and astringent flavour that is reminiscent of cranberries. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Health Benefits- 

Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this tea offers great health benefits like improved immunity, improved eye and skin health.

It also prevents the risk of diseases like cancer with its cell damage preventing properties.




I want to have this tea! The first thought on your mind after looking at the pic right? This love symbolising flower offers a delicate floral and sweet taste when consumed as a tea. Its light pink colour also makes it eye-catching.

Health Benefits-

Rose tea is a house of flavonoids that decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol and ease pain in the body by decreasing inflammation.

It improves the digestive system and boosts weight loss.




Have you heard of this flower before? Chances are, you might have not. Passionflower is a very distinct looking flower with an interesting story behind its appearance. It has a mild flavour with sweet undertones. You can enjoy this tea with other flowers and herbs like chamomile or lemongrass.

Health Benefits-

Passionflower tea works like anxiolytic, which makes it a great anxiety reliever.

It helps you sleep better.




Lily tea is usually made from dried lily flowers. It has a refreshing taste with a smooth and sweet finish.

Health Benefits-

Lily tea works like turmeric; it heals scars, burns and wounds.

This tea is very good for your heart.

It lifts up your sad mood and decreases depression.

It strengthens your brain cells and digestive system.


Enjoy Tea Made from Your Favourite Flower in these Few Steps-

Take a flower, separate it petal by petal. The number of flowers you choose depends on their size. You can use fresh flowers or dried ones. 

It is very important to wash the flowers under running water or in a bowl to remove toxins and dirt.

Warm water (the amount of tea you want to drink) over the stove. Take care not to boil water as this will result in a bitter taste.

Put the petals or dried flowers in the water.

Steep the flowers for 2-5 minutes.

Strain it and add flavour like honey, lemon juice, sugar or even milk to your tea.

Sip and enjoy!

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