“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”- Hans Christian Andersen.

Flowers are nature’s way of making us smile amidst sadness and hopelessness. The delicate, strikingly beautiful and colourful flowers hold the essence of life in them. They are one of the best gifts of nature that man has revered since time immortal. There are innumerable types of flower that are available to us. Here we have created a flower glossary of some of the most admired nature’s beauties along with some interesting facts about them.



Aconite belongs to the buttercup family. It is also known as Monkshood, Wolfsbane, Blue Rocket, and Friar’s Cap. It is one of the most deadly plants.


Ageratum is fondly called the artist’s paintbrush because of its paintbrush resembling petals. Ageratum means ageless, derived from its ability to retain its colours for a long time.


Hippeastrum is the botanical name of Amaryllis. They are spring and summer bloomers. Their name means ‘sparkle’ in Greek.


This pretty flower is native to Asia and North America. It loves slight shade as it tends to burn when fully exposed to the sun.


Anemone Flower
Anemone is a native of the Mediterranean region. It was given its name, which means delicate, by the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus. Because it opens its petals when blown by the wind, it is fondly called the daughter of the wind or windflower.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise Flower
These strikingly vivid and uniquely shaped flowers are natives of South Africa. They are also called Crane Flower. Through their shade and shape, they symbolize happiness, heaven and freedom.

Balloon Flower

Balloon flower
Balloon flower, a native of East Asia, belongs to the bellflower family. It is also called Chinese Flower. Balloon flower is very healthy; it is known to cure respiratory, stomach diseases, and boost the immune system.

Basket of Gold

Basket of Gold
Basket of Gold or Golden Tuft Alyssum is a native of sunny areas of central and southern Europe. It has beautiful golden coloured flowers and grey-green foliage, making it a great choice for gardens.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart Flower
Bleeding heart is a native of China, Japan and a few regions of Asia. Its spectacular name comes from its heart-shaped petals and a drop-like dangling tip. It is a favourite amongst gardeners for its beautifying looks.


Buttercup Flower
Buttercup is from the Ranunculus family, which consists of 400 species. And these flowers are among the most popular ones. These golden yellow, cup-shaped flowers symbolize childishness, merriment, and neatness.


It originated in China and means ‘gold’ in Greek. When one wants to convey passion, love or loyalty, chrysanthemums are the right pick.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossoms are so popular, they are celebrated as a festival in Japan, their native place. There are 200 species of cherry blossom and each specie blooms approximately for a week.


Carnations derive their name from the word ‘incarnation’. And their scientific name, Dianthus caryophyllus, translates to ‘Flowers of Gods’. Their ruffled look coupled with a spicy scent makes them a class apart.


Cosmos Flowers
Cosmos means a well-balanced universe. They belong to the Asteraceae flower family. There are around 20 species of this flower in colours ranging from bright orange, gold to light pink to chocolate.


Daffodil Flowers
A native of Western Europe, this yellow flower stands for deep friendship. It got its botanical name, Narcissus Pseudonarcissus, from a Greek mythological figure, who is said to have fallen in love with his own reflection.


A native of Mexico and America, Dahlia got its name from the 18th-century botanist Anders Dahl. It can grow as small as an inch and as large as a dinner plate.


Daisies exude innocence and a joyous charm with their delicate, long petals and a design rich yellow centre. Gerbera Daisies, a kind of this flower, is known to provide a good night’s sleep with its ability to absorb toxins and release oxygen.


Delphinium Flowers
This flower originated in the Northern Hemisphere. Delphinium, derived from a Greek word, means ‘dolphin’. It is also called ‘Larkspur’ and ‘Queen of the Border’.


Gardenia Flowers
Gardenia is known for its intoxicating fragrance. When touched by water, its sheer whiteness turns coffee brown as if by magic.


Native to Japan, China, and Indonesia, Hydrangeas have as many as 75 species. Their distinctiveness lies in their large heads that are a cluster of many small flowers. They stand as a symbol of the beating heart.


Iris Flower

A native of Eastern Mediterranean, Iris has the most captivating scent, making it a crucial element in many perfumes. And no words seem enough to describe its beauty. Even Vincent Van Gogh couldn’t express himself clearly without drawing this beauty in his famous painting ‘Irises’.



Jasmine, or Jasminum, is a popular flower among ladies and is used as a middle note in many fragrances. It originated in the mystical Himalayan region. This flower blooms in summer and spring.


This water plant is a native of India and China. This is one of those rare flowers that stays alive for thousands of years and even revives itself after long periods of dormancy.


Lilac Flower

Syringa is the scientific name of Lilacs. They are eatable and can be made into syrups for cold beverages. They are the most fragrant on a warm, sunny day. The scent of lilac is associated with sun sign Capricorn.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley

Having a biblical origin and known as a bringer of luck in love, this beautiful flower is a favourite among brides. Lily of the valley’s scientific name is Convallaria majalis, which means “of or belonging to May, making it the birth flower of May borns.


Lisianthus Flower

North America is the place where these beautiful flowers originated. They stand for appreciation, gratitude and charisma.

Lavender Flower

Lavender is derived from the Latin word ‘larvare’ which means ‘to clean’. It freshens up the olfactory senses with its attractive scent and wipes away ailments with its medicinal properties.


Magnolia Flower
Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi, also called as Magnolia state. The various species of Magnolia, over 200 in number, grow in various regions of Central America, Asia and the Caribbean. These bloomers are as old as time itself!

Moon Flower

Moon flower
Moon flowers belong to the nocturnal plant category. They blossom at night and close their petals with the first rays of the sun. These mystifying white flowers with their sweet scent signify romance.



The exotic, graceful Orchids were born in Africa, Asia and America. There are over 20,000 species of Orchids. Each species of these amazingly wonderful flowers mirrors a thing or animal. You get tiger orchid, bee orchid, owl orchid, dancing lady orchid, monkey orchid, etc.


This distinct looking flower has over 500 species, which are native to North and South America. Among these, Passiflora edulis is the most popular species which alone can grow passionfruit.


Peony Flower
A popular choice in wedding decor, peonies are called as the king of flowers by China, their birthplace. Peonies mean most beautiful in the Chinese language. They are the longest living flowers with a life term of 100 years.


Protea Flower

Protea is South Africa’s national flower. This flower also inspired the name of the country’s cricket team, Proteas. The flower has hard petals which make it survive even the harshest of weather conditions.


Plumeria Flower
Plumeria (Plumeria Rubra) is named after a French botanist, Charles Plumier. They are native to subtropical Americas. In Hawaii, ladies use this flower to declare their relationship status- the flower over the right ear means she is single and over the left means she is taken.



Rose, an unbeaten symbol of love, first opened its petals in China. There are around 25 types of roses. This ruler of hearts also grows fruits called as rose hips, which are used to make jams and marmalade.

Stargazer Lily

Stargazer Lily

This flower, botanically known as Lilium Stargazer, originated in Japan. Its interesting name is derived from its upward facing petals, a unique thing in lilies. It is a possessor of a mystifying scent and poison!

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are botanically known as Lathyrus Odoratus. They originated in the largest Mediterranean island, Sicily. This flower is particularly famous for its pleasant scent and so is often used in bouquets.



American natives, the bright yellow flowers are called ‘tournesol’ in French, meaning ‘turns with the sun’. Each sunflower head is made up of 1000 to 2000 individual ray flowers that are joined together at the base.



Scientifically called Tulipa spp., Tulips have a shape unlike any flower you know. These bloomers with their almost closed petals herald the oncoming of spring. The flowers can also be used as a substitute for onions in your diet.



This flower’s botanical name is Chamelaucium Uncinatum and it originated and thrives in Western Australia. It got its name from its waxy look and feel. Its rich look is complemented by a soothing fragrance.