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Flower Jewellery Ideas for Auspicious Occasions

Posted on Friday, 08-Jun-2018

Flowers are just like happiness; it radiates and attracts all the good things towards you. Flower jewellery has not only become a trend but is also considered to be an affordable alternative as compared to the pure metal jewellery purchased for any auspicious occasion. These types of jewellery can be worn for any occasion like Haldi, Mehendi, Baby shower or even at your wedding. There is a huge variety of designs when it comes to flower jewellery which can be customized and designed according to the liking of the ones who are going to wear it. So let’s see some of the ideas on how you can style this jewellery for your big day.

Style the jewellery according to your outfit

Every attire that you wear has a different feel to it so not every kind of flower jewelry can go with the attire you choose to wear. It will be prudent to design your jewelry according to the design and material used in your outfit. Color coordination is a good option to ahead with. You can color coordinate your jewelry and make it stand out and enhance your outfit even more.

Let that headgear talk

Headgear includes jhoomar, Gajra, flower bands, mang tikka and Matha Patti. All these types of headgears look super elegant when woven with flowers. A jhoomar made by yellow flowers like dandelion, tulip or roses will look stunning over an Anarkali on the occasion of Haldi. A simple Gajra over your Mehendi outfit will instantly give a traditional look and will make you look a perfect bride to be. Flower bands and Mang Tikka prove out to be perfect flower jewellery for Baby Shower. This is how you can style your headgears according to the occasion.

Trust and love are wonderful but so are earrings

When it comes to flower earring, you can style and design it in a thousand ways and make yourself stand out from the crowd. You can ask your vendor about the different flower earrings designs and customized it according to the outfit you are wearing. There is no need to fear the heaviness of a real metal earring that you have to bear during the whole function. Flower earring goes light on your ears and looks beautiful in actuality.

Adorn those delicate hands with exquisite bracelets 

add the much-needed elegance to any outfit and by choosing a flower woven bracelet is an amazing option for flower jewelry for haldi. It not only adds sweetness to the look but also keeps the bride fresh by its lovely fragrance. These bracelets can also add a ring at the end to make it look more lavish and full. These kinds of jewelry make your hand look full and beautiful. Instead of spending a fortune over diamond bracelets go for a flower one and become the one who grabs the eyeballs at these functions.

Minimalism at its best

The brides who love minimalistic look yet want to look stylish should definitely opt for flower jewellery ideas for Mehendi and other important wedding functions. Pinning just a simple flower to your hair or wearing a flower ring can make your whole look elegant and stunning.Wearing all the types of flower jewelry together is a fashion faux pas. Style the jellies according to the need of the outfit. A heavy outfit won’t require much of jewelry as compared to the lighter ones. Equilibrium is the key to getting the flower jewelry right. Some outfits demand headgears while some jhoomars. Some occasions demand anklets while some bracelets. Try and test the jewelry before going ahead and buying it. Let the miracle of flowers rule your style and make yourself look trendy without spending a fortune on jewelry by following the tips given above. May your style bloom just as these flowers do

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