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How to Make a Home-Bound, Intimate Wedding Just as Amazing!

Posted on Thursday, 28-May-2020

The long-awaited wedding, a once in a lifetime event that binds people and emotions is an event, we can’t wait to plan. An event that has so much of so many loved one’s deeply invested in it, certainly requires careful planning and execution. Weddings have shifted from big and grand to intimate and personal. The pandemic has changed the way we live life in so many ways, and so has the way we conduct weddings. The current circumstance need not
come in the way of your big day and how you envisioned it. Sure, the venue maybe smaller, the guest list maybe shorter, but the grandeur can most certainly be created, just the way you always wanted it. Home weddings and small gathers are the norm and we at Interflora are already leading the way.

Here are tips to help you save on wedding floral décor while making the most of your budget:

1. Work Out a Budget: Always give your florists a clear understanding of what you want. You could look up and send them reference pictures or sketches and honestly tell them how much you are comfortable spending. This will help your floral designer maximise your budget rather than waste time looking through designs that may possibly be out of the price range. The design references or your thought process can be worked out by the designer to the maximum grandeur your budget allows, and this planning needs to start right at the beginning. This is why this initial stage is crucial. Always remember that it is better to have surplus to spend as the day nears than frantically try to control the cost by changing aspects of the design.

2. Pick Your Flowers Wisely: The cost of the floral décor to a large extent, depends on the choice of flowers. Ideally orchids are an expensive choice compared to carnations and gysposos at the other end of the line. Seek your floral stylist’ opinion and recommendations. You’ll be surprised how many cheaper options you can find for a similar look and feel. If you still like the expensive flowers, then go for an arrangement that uses them sparsely with a great combination of same coloured flowers that will achieve the grandeur. There is no denying how premium flowers like Hydrangeas can have an impactful look!

3. Essentials First: The lockdown and limited guest lists do this already even then, plan the décor well. The entrance and mandap are a must, so always start with planning the essentials keeping the venue size and space for movement in mind. Once this is sorted, look to placing vases of exotic blooms rather than running streamers of garlands all over for a eco-friendlier approach. If you still like the grandeur of cascading garlands, look for cheaper and green options like faux flowers. Good quality faux flowers have almost just the same impact as fresh flowers.

4. Work Within the Local Seasons: Even if several popular flower types like roses, orchids and lilies are available in India all throughout the year, there are many that are not. The recent lockdown has made it difficult to procure several flowers. Mere transportation can add to the cost and weigh on your budget. Get a firm reign on your flower cost by planning your wedding cantered around local in-season flowers that are easy to procure. This again, can be consulted from your floral designer.

5. Be Flexible with Choice of Flowers: It’s everyone’s wish to have their dream décor done to perfection, just the way they envisioned it. But in difficult times like these, it would be a mistake to set your heart on a flower that may not be available and not willing to compromise for a close option. A floral designer will be able to do a great job, giving them freedom for creativity if the couple/family gives them an overall idea of look, feel, colour palette and leaves the rest in the hands of the designer.

6. Go Natural: Leaf is the new flower. Ethereal greenery along with plants and naturally grown foliage and fillers into eye-catching containers can be equally impactful as flowers. These can help you create arrangements that can be used again for any following event since it will be long lasting and a great way to add depth and texture to any space.

7. Stick to Budget Blooms: Carnations, mums, and baby's breath are all inexpensive filler flowers that can make gorgeous arrangements. It is how you use them that can make these flowers truly shine. Carnations are an unexpected and often overlooked alternative that can feel luxe if used thoughtfully. You can elevate the look by opting for monochromatic colors and pack a whole bunch of flowers tightly together for a lusher feel. Similarly, choosing roses and spreading out in the entire space as overhanging decor, posies, stems in a vase or a tablescape combined with a flowy linen like net will make your decor stand out.

8. Get Fruity: Another interesting decor addition with florals is incorporating fruits into your arrangements. Think apples, oranges, peaches, gourds, artichokes, grapes, oranges etc; using fruit is a great economical way to fill out a centerpiece and is officially trending on wedding tablescapes. It is like bringing Dutch still life art to real. Whether you opt for a massive arrangement that's filled to the brim with an assortment of the season's best harvest or choose one fruit and play up its color with supporting florals, there are so many ways to adapt this particular centerpiece trend for your fête.

Floral master pieces in smaller spaces or making smaller venues come to life with stunning décor, Interflora designers do el ‘al! Drop in your inquiries on our social media or send us an email!

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