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Top 5 Date Night Ideas During a Lockdown

Posted on Tuesday, 19-May-2020

Stronger together, through thick and thin! How can you make that happen through an overbearing lockdown? Here are some date night ideas you just got to try with your loved one before the lockdown ends! Whether, you’ll stay apart or are living in together under the same roof all 24/7, life in general and especially for relationships can get trying. We totally get it and this is why we’ve put together a list of ideas to spunk up your relationship, add some fun and a lot of warm memories.

1. Send Love Through a Social Media Post: Light up your loved one’s face and surprise him/her with a fun, heartfelt video or image. This works great especially if you’ll are staying apart. Woo them with a love poem or a fun quirky write up under a cool picture of you’ll. You could go the extra mile and create a memory video of all your favourite images of you’ll together.

2. Go Extra for a Dinner Date: Set up a surprise dinner, with a good three course meal right at your dinning table. You could amp it up by ordering fresh flowers online and decorating the table, take out your best cutlery and lay out your favourite table cloth. It’s time to go all out. There is no need for you to sweat it out in the kitchen since a lot of restaurants are now delivering making it all the more-easy to execute this.

3. Recreate Your Favourite Times: Remember the first movie you’ll watched together? Or your favourite cocktail? Or your favourite couple picture. Try to recreate it all on the special date day with your loved one. Re-watch that movie, probably with the same kind of snacks. Perhaps, recreate the first picture you’ll took together. Find a way to make the same dinner dishes you’ll ate on the first date night together. This can add greatly to bonding and will sure go down in your loved one’s favourite cute thing you planned for him/her.

4. Plan a Virtual Tour: There are several museums, historical places and music concerts happening online. You can grab a bag of popcorn, pick a favourite place you’ll always wanted to go to, and do a virtual tour. This would actually even help you plan your post-lockdown trip better.

5. Dress Up: Get out of your regular sweatpants you’ve been wearing all week and make an effort to woo your boo! If it’s an online date, both of you plan on dressing up and have your drinks ready like you’ll would if you’ll went out. So, what if you’ll stay apart, create the vibe and remember to take screenshots for memory.


Whether you’re a new couple or a seasoned one that needs to celebrate milestone together, try out these cool ideas and tag us on Instagram so we know!

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