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How to Use Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 in Your Wedding Decor

Posted on Tuesday, 21-Apr-2020

As flower designers and stylists, we at Interflora, wait with anticipation and excitement for the announcement of the Pantone colour. Taking back to our time during the end of 2019, we were pretty excited to know it was classic blue. A challenging colour to work with, since sourcing classic blue flowers may not be the easiest, our designers instantly brainstormed and researched.

While a lot of factors go into deciding the floral décor at a wedding, going with pantone colours certainly makes it a trend-setter. After-all, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and deserve all the special added details. Pantone picked the staple old universal favourite of class blue. The calming colour refers one to a sense of infinity, because of the deep vast skies. Well, we think the significance of infinity fits in perfectly with the occasion of a marriage and so blue makes it even more exciting to work with for events. The shade of classic blue also takes into view the gradual shift of the designer community’s inclination to traditional western styling. The principles the shade allows us to work around will most certainly be that of stability, familiarity and reassurance. This is why classic blue is such an ideal choice for wedding décor.

While blue is a easy to use in several wedding elements like invitations, linens and the like, blue flowers are not very commonly used in India. And this is yet another reason to try blue! They look particularly classy and chic.


Here, we help you incorporate the shade into the vibe you have envisioned for your wedding:

1. Sophisticated elegance: A grand yet classic floral affair created with blues, whites and ivories have the power to bring a sophisticated and breath-taking feel to your venue.

2. Festive and Vibrant: If you like it the happy Indian way, then blend shades of blue with the very peppy orange, throw in pops of yellow and even splashes of pink and you have so much to work with.

3. Summery Vibe: Combine exotic flowers in coral and peach tones with blue flowers and you have a summery mountain vibe that is perfect for daytime outdoor events.


Some ways our designers have used blue in luxury events:

1. The Heavenly Ceiling: A blue ceiling décor with hanging blue flowers combined with vintage chandeliers makes for a mysterious yet heavenly look.

2. Moroccan Theme for a Mehendi Décor: We did a boho-chic twist with loads of colour blocking and played with classic blue elements that are native to Morocco. Blue orchids and hydrangeas were used in abundance with loads of yellows and pinks. Blue flowers are rare but with worldwide connections to direct farms, Interflora India makes it easy to import flowers in colours of blue from several parts of the globe while our designers work them into stunning visuals of floral art for your wedding décor.


Here is a list blue flowers that would go well with a Pantone coloured theme:

1. Cornflowers: These pretty ten petalled flowers were actually weeds in corn fields at some point of time! They now are a much-loved garden flower and are available in a variety of blue shades.


2. Hyacinths: This fragrant bulbous flower is a fun springy one. It’s upright leaves and spikes of flowers that are star-shaped has the potential to add interesting dimension to your décor.

3. Carnations: This flower that symbolizes devoted love is now available in a purple indigo shade thanks to scientists who genetically engineered it. The shade is called Moondust and would make a great pick for an installation.

4. Hydrangeas: The universal favourite ornamental flower is globe-shaped. The colour is turns depends on the soil, a more acidic soil gives rise to blue blooms while alkaline soil turns the blooms pink.

5. Bluestars: This gorgeous cluster of blue flowers blooms in early summer and has a deep blue tinge that is rather poppy.

6. Delphiniums: This vibrant summer bloom comes in an awesome array of blue hues. The flower represents an open heart making it a perfect fit for a wedding décor.

7. Blue Daisies: This one needs no introduction! The brilliant blue petals with strikingly yellow centers makes it perfect for an outdoor décor. They bloom till autumn and are so available for several months of the year. Despite their delicate appearance, they remain durable making it great to work with in hardy environs.

8. Asters: This one looks a lot like daisies, comes is several colours and sizes. They make for perfect winter wedding décor which is why they are also called frost flowers. The blue varieties are Monch, October Skies and Sapphire Mist.

9. Bellflowers: This flower is also called a fairy thumble signify humility and gratitude. Their dainty flowers are shaped like bells are make for great archway decoration.

10. Gentian: This flower is available in a wide variety of blues and therefore works great if you want to create a blue ombre effect,

11. Columbines: Also bell-shaped, these bloom in mid-spring. Their interesting structure and shaded petal will instantly add a mystical fairytale forest vibe to the décor. It is important for you to have a sit-down one-on-one with your floral designer to be able to put your vision into a do-able décor. Get in touch with our designers to know more!

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