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What Type of Bride are You?

Posted on Thursday, 02-Apr-2020

As she descends the stairs to the aisle and the alter, all eyes fell first on the granduer of the bouquet and then the grandeur of her rich trousseau, and then her delicate face hidden behind the vale bent slightly down in shyness. A bride and her bouquet…is a saga that will be remembered well in her circles. A bouquet is carried by the bride to traditionally signify new beginnings, fertility and good luck. Like picking out the shade and design of your outfit, or the wedding décor or the menu and all other details, the bouquet should sure be one of the top items that you must consider personalising for that special touch of ‘you’.

You can personalize by picking out the flowers and the flower arrangement that hold special significance to you in the language of flowers. Flowers, like people have personalities and convey different messages. A little knowledge about this is sure going to help you pick flowers that define “YOU” the best. The wedding day is all about gathering as much blessings and good luck as possible, and let’s call upon the power of flowers to do the same! Add another layer of meaningfulness and depth to your wedding celebration, let us help you pick your wedding lucky flower.

A perfect way to personalise your wedding is to choose flowers for your bouquet and floral arrangements that hold specific meanings in the language of flowers.

When your guests step into a venue for the first time, the sight and scent of beautiful blooms are one of the first things they notice.

nd while the colour and shape of your chosen flora is important, a magical touch for your big day is to choose flowers that have specific historical associations, providing an added layer of meaningfulness to your wedding celebrations.


Language of Flowers

Finding significance amongst things in nature has been a part of several culture for centuries. The craft of emoting language out of flowers, to express feelings is a Victorian practice.

Based on the language of flowers, we’ve picked the perfect flower for the kind of Bride you will be. Now it is up to you, to own it – make it part of your wedding bouquet or of your garland, the focus flower for the décor, use it in your center piece or just do it all! Apart from channelling positivity specially meant for you, we’re sure the Goddess of flowers will shower you with all her grace. What bride are you? Take a pick…

1. The Classic Bride (ROSE): She’s grounded, she’s graceful, does it all with utmost elan. She graces it all with all her heart – the rituals, the fuss and the frolic. Rose, the classic wedding flower is her ultimate got-to. Red roses represent passion and love, white spell purity like nothing else, pink, a favourite signifies grace and gentleness.

2. The Fun-loving Bride (SWEET PEA): The lover of luxury, the happy-go-lucky, the forever prankster. She’s all this but on her wedding day, she’s also going to be full of delicate girliness. Sweet Pea, the playful two-petalled flower is a perfect significance of pleasure loving. Filled with rich fragrance, the fun-loving bride is sure going to love the sweet pea.

3. The Queen Bride ( Lilly of the Valley): She ruled, right from her father’s heart to the girl gang in college. The rock, the trend setter, the awe-inspiring girl of dominating charm is best represented by Lily of the Valley. This flower, that caught the fancy of Christian Dior is got to be the one for the Queeny Bride. The flower symbolizes trustworthiness.

4. The Traditional Bride (Freesia): She’s dreamt of this day since she was a little girl. The walk, the trousseau, the menu, the bridesmaids, even details like the hair do was all sorted way before she even met her man. She holds great regard for traditions, and believes they exist for a reason. A strong traditionalist at heart, age-old principles of marriage like intimate trust and honesty is what she swears by. The sweet-scented blooms of Freesia represents all this and will sure fit it well with her décor idea and her beliefs.

5. The Charitable Bride (Peonies): She’s compassionate, always putting everyone else before her. Doing her bit for the world is something she’s always been passionate about. Why, even at her wedding, we bet she’s got a plan in place to benefit some needy souls. The large, gorgeous blossoms of Peonies symbolize her the bets. Why? Well, here is the story – Paeon, a Greek physician of the Gods healed Pluto with the help of a Peony root. Paeon’s teacher of medicine, the god Aesculapius planned to kill Paeon in jealousy. In order to save the physician who saved his life, Pluto turned Paeon into the flower Peony. And this makes Peonies the flower of compassion.

6. The Sybarite Bride (Ranunculus): The hottest damsel with the most refined taste. She’s got the luxurious best in everything and flaunts it all ‘cuz why not! The Ranunculus, symbolizing everything rich in attractions and radiant charm is a flower that speaks of her like no other!

7. The Fashionista Bride (Hydrangea): She’s fashionable in every sense of the term. Whether it’s her heels or her hair, if she’s not got it, it’s not in. The most popular flower in luxury wedding décor is undoubtedly the Hydrangea. This flower from Japan that featured in almost every fashionable floral décor is got to be her go to flower.

8. The Shy Bride (Gardenia): She’s a shy gem, coy in her ways. The velvety soft blossoms of Gardenias that symbolize calmness and peace shall represent her spirit the best. The large gorgeous blooms in soft colours make for great table centre piece flowers.

We suggest a good sit-down one to one talk with your floral stylist to help inculcate your flower into your wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime event, make every detail that significant!

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