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Keep your Room Feeling Fresh and Cozy with The Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Available in India

Posted on Friday, 08-Jun-2018

The world has become fast paced due to the rapid urbanization. With the increasing infrastructural needs of the cities, it has become important to keep a balance of both nature and modernization. One such way to strike this state of equilibrium is to grow plants wherever possible and maintain them. Plants not only control pollution but also make the air cooler and are pleasing to the eyes. Having a kitchen garden, terrace garden, and balcony lawns are few modern ways in which you can make your house eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. To save the time, amount and energy spent on maintaining plants, we bring to some of the easy to grow indoor plants in India which are low maintenance and also serve the purpose of a plush lawn.

Money Plant

Money plant is one of the most popular houseplants as it can grow both on the soil as well as in water. It is said to have wealth attracting and prosperity bringing properties to the house it is placed in as said by Vastu and Feng Shui experts. The plant does not depend on any season and can be planted anytime as per your liking. You need not worry about watering it every day as it can easily go without water for a good 7-8 days.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera is one of the best plants for a balcony as it requires direct and sufficient sunlight. It is also called Miracle Plant as it has various medicinal benefits in addition to its mild fragrance and aesthetic appeal. It needs very less water as it is a succulent and cactus mix plant. Its fertilizing and propagation is also very easy, and therefore it is considered to be one of the easiest to grow indoor plants in India.

Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy is known for its texture and looks. This plant makes your room look fresh and gives it a feel-good vibe. Not only is it beautiful but also purifies the air and survives on minimum watering and direct sunlight.


Give your house an exotic look by placing an anthurium plant at your entrance or in the drawing room. It grabs all the required attention of the guests and gives your house an exquisite look. This plant can be grown throughout the year and is very low maintenance as it requires less water and light. Therefore it is a good option for houseplants for Indian apartments.


For those who love to maintain a garden but lack the space to do so can go ahead to plant ferns. Ferns are the most common variety of houseplants. It requires moist soil and daily watering or spraying. It gives your house a green look, and it has a canopy which makes your garden look fuller and attractive.

Lady Palm

Lady Palm is an economical option to go ahead with as it repels insect attacks and gives your garden a fuller look. It helps create shade for pets and purifies the air for you. Though the gestation period of this plant is slow, still it is the most preferred houseplant.

Dumb Cane

Unlike its name, dumb cane protects from various bacteria that cause neurological damage to us. The plant requires low watering but bright light. The most suitable place to grow this plant is in your room or your balcony as these places have sufficient sunlight.

Peace Lilly

Just like its name, Peace lily gives your home a serene look and makes the surroundings look beautiful. This plant requires little water and little to no sunlight. It makes the room look white and bright and can be used as a décor option for side tables.

These are some of the choices of the plant which will enhance both your garden as well as home décor and save the time, amount and energy spent to cultivate and maintain regular plants.

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