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Say Hello to Succulents- Your Pretty, Long Lasting and Low-Maintenance Nature Friends

Posted on Friday, 07-Jun-2019

Looking to amp up your working or living space with greens? We have some unique recommendations for you. Try succulents! These small and attractive home plants have a unique and universal appeal that is hard to miss. So here is a blog dedicated to these mystifying greens- everything you need to know about them.

Did You Say Succulents? Err... What are They??

Succulents are identified by their thick fleshy sap filled leaves. Their stems store water. These saps and water-storing stems enable them to stay alive and healthy even long after being ignored. Their beautiful look, small size, less caring requirements make them an ideal pick for people who love greens but are too busy or lethargic to care for them. They grow very slowly, they take at least 18 months to get ready for sale.

#succulove- India’s Love for Succulents

If you look for or follow nature centric themes online, you might have come across this trending hashtag. It is popular across many social media channels with Instagram boasting of around 1.4 million posts on them! Though succulents are born in tropics, subtropics, dry mountainous regions and semi-deserts in Africa and South and Central America, they have found a fan following all over the world. India’s love for succulents can be seen from the rise in a number of gardens that grow these natural beauties to online shops that sell these nature's gifts in well-designed ceramic pots. Owing to the growing air pollution mainly in the Indian cities, these small but powerful plants are also being loved by people due to their air-purifying properties.

Top 5- Interesting Facts about Succulents

Succulent Colours

- The Latin word ‘sucus’, meaning juice or sap gave succulents their name.

- They are very colourful and beautiful to look at. They are available in a variety of shapes and almost every colour you can think of- blue, green, grey, pink, red, yellow, white, black, etc.

- Anything can kill succulents but not pests. These greens are pest resistant.

- Succulents are ancient! They belong to the dry and desert locations and came on this earth approximately 5 to 10 million years ago.

- Due to their long-lasting strength and perseverance, succulents symbolise eternal love.

Succulent Flowering Plants

Like a cherry on the cake, the flowers on these attractive plants make them more special and a must-have addition to any garden. Here are some of the most beautiful flowering succulents to have or give someone you love:



Jade plant has pretty short round leaves in a lush green shade. It is also called a Chinese rubber plant because of its resemblance to one. It is considered lucky in many parts of the world. Jade is the most difficult to bloom. It requires proper conditions (dry climate, cooler night time environment, maturity, etc.) to start flowering. So when a jade plant flowers, it is considered a symbol of friendship as it shows that you have taken great care of it. Just like when you take care of someone, the relationship blossoms! Jade plants are also popular bonsai plants.

Adenium/Desert Rose


The common name of Adenium is Desert Rose. Though why is it referred by this name is still a mystery because the flowers look nothing like a rose. This one is also another most loved bonsai plant. But this plant is not recommended for a house with pets as it contains cardiac glycosides, a toxic that was once used in arrows in Africa for hunting games. Since it is little large in size, it is perfect to be kept in the balcony or window side.



It’s impossible to look at this plant and not fall in love with it! It is a large open petalled succulent that comes in the most interesting mixture of shades. Most of the times you will find common combinations of greyish-green, green-blue colour with a tinge of lilac on its tips. These plants have a lovely rosette shape and burst with yellow, orange, pink or red flowers.



Agave carries the look of prehistoric times, which gives a rustic vintage look to any setup. It has thick pointed leaves that stay upwards or sideways. This is one succulent that is not tiny and space saving and so is suitable for large spaces. Its flower also holds a dramatic show with its bright colour and torch-like shape. Agave is a popular ingredient in many Mexican drinks.



Kalanchoe is like a child who is the most bright and cheerful one from the lot. It has striking leaves and grows flowers in almost all colours of the rainbow, making it an easy favourite of the plant lovers. Its flowers last for at least eight weeks. A native of China, southern and south-east Africa, it derives its name from the Chinese word ‘Kalan Chau’.

Best Succulents for Indian Climate

We know you are itching to make these your own. Here are the best ones meant for the Indian environment.

Zebra Haworthia



Love Plant



Moon Cactus








How to Take Care of Succulents

Here are essential pointers to keep in mind for taking care of succulents-

- Irrespective of whether a succulent enjoys sunlight or no, each one requires to be exposed to full sun for at least 4 to 6 hours to help them retain their colour and healthy look.

- They need to be potted in cactus soil and not normal soil that is used for other plants. Cactus soil helps the plants absorb water and nutrients. It also dries out quickly meaning it won’t rot the roots.

- They require very less amount of water. Generally, you need to water them once a week in less quantity.

- Water the soil directly.

- Choose a pot with a hole for easy drainage

- Give them plant food once a month.

- Clean the dust from the plants regularly to promote healthy growth.

- Though their look might prompt you to touch them, it is advisable to not do that. Succulents develop a powder-like substance on their leaves during periods of growth. If you touch them, you deprive them of that substance and also leave them scrapped.

Why These Succulents are a Must-Have

Succulents are the best plants to have when you are too busy to look after them. They will stay healthy and colourful even when you don’t water them for long. So no worries when going on holidays or leaving home in haste for work if you have succulents. Water them once a week and keep them exposed from full to partial sun or even dark place and they are okay. They also have the ability to survive the toughest of weather conditions.

They add a cheerful and attractive vibe to any home with their distinct shape, mesmerizing colours and cute sizes.

Their tiny size is the biggest winner. Owing to their compactness, you never have to worry about their placement even when you get them as an unexpected gift. They can be kept in any kind of container and in any corner of the room or crampiest of office desks.

How to Style Your Home and Office with Succulents

Even a single succulent plant can give your living space a fresh and fabulous look. You can place your choice of succulent to any part of your home or on the office desk to make it look attractive by lengths. Here are some ways to style up your space with these small beauties.

Quirky Pots


There’s a way to make the plants look attractive, more than they actually are. Just place them in quirky and distinct looking pots anywhere and they are bound to become the censure of your house.

Stylish Dinner Table


The dinner table is the most exciting place in a household with different personalities all living together. You can add more warmth and cheerfulness to this part of your abode with succulents in elegant pots. There are various different ways in which to style your dinner table with succulents. You can keep them on a plate, glass or pots.

Hanging by the Window


You don’t need too many plants to make your window look lively when you have a single beautiful succulent. Place one in a hanging basket and let it do its magic.

Green Cups of Delight


Need succulents to colour up your days at the office? Try keeping them in teacups. These will add a charming touch to your otherwise boring workstation and cheer up you and those passing by your desk.

Glass Beauty


We are in awe of terrarium pots. They are transparent wide pots that can keep multiple plants inside. They are unique in shape and have a very rich and modern feel to them. You can display different succulents in the pot or add flowers like rose, lilies to give it a more vibrant and unique feel. You can take your pick from the different shapes of terrariums and place it on the window sill or a shelf or a table. You can easily find these pots online.

A Cluster of Plants


Here’s a piece of advice from us to you: Don’t take the one succulent is enough advice seriously : P You can always create that wow effect with a number of different succulents placed together or at different places at your home. Take the picture as an inspiration or come up with your own style.

Now, we know you are itching to make these your own. Start your personal collection by buying flower arrangements with succulent from

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