Best Advice We Ever Got From Our Mothers

Let’s be honest, mothers are great at everything they do. Be it cooking up your favourite dessert in no time, planning a last-minute outing, managing a career and home and most importantly, keeping the family close.

It’s almost as if they have the midas touch. And anything that crosses their path, it all comes together effortlessly. To top it all, whatever you are today, you owe it to them. They raised you with strength, compassion and so much love. Making sure, you’re safe and joyous always.

And on this journey, she taught you things that are still engrained in your mind. But the best part, you get to keep her pearls of wisdom with you for the rest of your life.

Mom giving advice

Here is some of the best advice mothers pass on to their children. Ones that mould them into their best self and even better human beings.

“Question everything”

Time and again, your mother reminded you to be perceptive. To observe words, actions and life in general. Because when you observe, you develop the power of thought. The sort that makes you question why things are the way they are. And when you seek the answer, you find more than what you’re looking for.

“You live for yourself”

The world can be a cruel place. And even though one may feel that friends and family always have their back, that’s not entirely true. Her advice made sure for you to know that you’re your biggest cheerleader. And when you nurture yourself, magic happens.

“You’re beautiful the way you are”

In this digital era, it’s easy to get consumed by the idea of perfection, looking good for someone else or simply pleasing another. And all of this only leads to a web of self-doubt. The reason why she went out of her way to compliment you and tell you, you’re wonderful inside out.


Doubt is one of the biggest foes. And it not only distorts your worldview but hampers personal growth too. That’s why your mother passed on this essential advice of believing in love, good vibes and most importantly, in the power of self.

“Stay content”

Mom never said don’t strive for more. But what she meant was that if you’re not content with what you have, how do you know you’ll be content when you get more? This insight fits perfectly for those who run through life without enjoying the present. After all, the present is the biggest gift of them all.

“Respond, not react”

There are times when you wish to let it all out. And not in a good way. But that’s when mom’s advice comes in handy. When in a tough situation, it’s necessary to stop and think. If you react, you never know what the outcome may be but if you respond, you know you’ve carefully considered the pros and cons of your actions.

“Know your worth”

You live with values and let them guide your journey. That’s why you hold the power to be so much more than yourself. But if someone questions your worth, repeat the advice your mom gave you – If they don’t understand you, they’re not worth it. And this can be applied to every aspect of your life, work, relationships, friendships and more.

“Stay rooted”

Yes, she told you to spread your wings and reach new heights but also reiterated to never forget where you come from. Your values make you the real you. So each time you think you’re flying too high, reminisce about the good old times and remember what your roots are.

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