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Flower therapy: What can your flowers colours convey

Posted on Wednesday, 21-Oct-2020
Colours are essential to our consciousness; way more than we realize. Their power is well established in the realm of psychology and art. Nature’s spectrum of colours have played a crucial role in areas that greatly impact our daily lives, right from the colour of our food to the colour of our clothes, more meaningfully, our emotional responses. International colour experts have unearthed the philosophy of Flower Therapy channelizing their power in relation to colours to relax and stimulate the senses, enhance moods and release happy memories.
Experts conclude that our response to colours are quite emotional while flowers can be a great catalyst for our feelings that can stimulate more than just smell and sight. Beautiful flower arrangements have the ability to convey feelings and create moods without having to use words, and only colour. Far beyond what is normally believed, flowers can heighten feelings of satisfaction, trigger happy emotions and affect social behaviour in a positive way.
Flowers are a great way to add splash of colours and emotions into our lives that is otherwise hectic and fast paced, often leaving us the need for emotional and mental rejuvenation. Eiseman, an eminent scholar in the subject claims colour helps us get the balance we need from our surroundings. Here’s a gist of moods and colour palettes of flowers you can pick to set the mood/vibe you want to convey:
Nurturing: Pastel shades
Convey your sense of real caring by combining colours that are tender, fragile and soft. Arrangements in pastel shades of light yellows, peaches, warm pinks, light greens and creamy whites will make your loved one feel loved, snug and safe. These arrangements are perfect for a get-well-soon wish, a grieving family or a new mother – just anyone who would benefit from a loving embrace.
Tranquil: Whites and light colours
This colour scheme represents relaxation and serenity. It’s the reminiscent of the seas and the skies, representing peace. Use light shades of green, powder or misty blues and other cool hues. A tranquil arrangement is perfect for people with busy lives who look for a moment of calm from stressful situations of regular life.
Whimsical: Bold and contrasting colours
The whimsical palette characterized by sharp contrasting and bold colours represent free-spirit, fun loving nature and playful feelings. These fun hues set a tone that is upbeat and are perfect for birthdays, promotions, graduations and other celebrations.
Sensuous: Robust Reds
The sensuous palette is characterized by luxurious, rich combinations of robust reds, deep purples, spicy oranges and hot pinks. They set the mood for passionate, sophisticated and seductive settings. They go great for a special evening, an elegant dinner party or just about anywhere you feel extravagant and magnetic.
Robust reds
Romantic: Warm shades and cool colours
A sense of intimacy, closeness, comfort and nostalgia is created with a colour palette that is a blend of cool colours and warm tones. Lavenders and light pinks mixed with maroons and burgundies make for a great romantic arrangement. They express admiration and loving sentiments to your significant other.
These are guidelines to help you set the perfect environment to help your mood thrive, engulfing the on-looker into your vibe as well. Flowers are an affordable and easy way to represent these emotions, sharing them with the world.

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