Earth-Friendly and Eco-Conscious Decor Picks

With growing awareness, love for Mother Nature grows too. The reason why the world now celebrates conscious living and eco-friendly efforts. But what’s better, this philosophy has trickled down to the floral world too, enabling decorators to make a significant shift in the past few years.

Gone are the days when the environmental impacts of floral decor were not even a consideration. Now is the time to be mindful, embrace the best practices and let go of all that harms the planet.

As Earth Day, 22nd April approaches, we’re here to encourage love and effort for this glorious planet. So take this as your cue to go sustainable while planning your next surprise, event or wedding. Rest assured, when you keep nature first, it provides twofold in return.

Let’s deep dive into the top sustainable decor trends.

Choosing local and seasonal blooms

When you’re more responsible from the get-go, the decor journey becomes that much simpler. Locally sourced flowers reduce carbon footprint since they do not require long hours of transportation. Seasonal flowers are the flavour of the season, which means they thrive naturally during certain months, making them more robust, resilient and long-lasting when used. Alongside, supporting local flower growers also means preserving local biodiversity, a positive step towards mother nature. And all of this comes together to aid the environment by lowering the harmful impacts.

Seasonal Flowers Decor

Using wildflowers

These blooms grow naturally and add a ray of sunshine to any event’s decor. Available in myriad colours, designs and shapes, florists love these ever-beautiful stunners that effortlessly blend into arrangements, centrepieces and statement decor items. They’re easy to maintain, reducing the dependency on pesticides and chemicals. Alongside, they attract pollinators like bees that improve the surrounding habitat. The most notable names are – Hydrangeas, peach roses, delphiniums and lisianthus.

Wildflowers Decor

Incorporating herbs

Sustainability meets creativity to transform the quintessential fresh-cut flower arrangement decor. Giving florists a fun array of options that complement fresh blooms, like potted plants, succulents, fruits and most importantly herbs. Their fun aesthetic infuses a wave of innovation, giving its recipients a never-seen-before experience. Herbs hold a delightful fragrance that fills the air all around, their play of lush texture and greenery elevates the decor and they require less water and maintenance too. In other words, it’s the ultimate highlight of the eco-conscious movement in the world of floral decor.

Incorporating Herbs as Decor

Embracing minimalism

In floristry and decoration, the new sustainable norm says ‘Less is more’. That’s why being minimalistic goes a long way. Recycled decor, reusable items and materials that minimize environmental impact are placed at the forefront during planning. Minimal decor often includes using negative spaces, crafting flower arrangements with fresh flowers that are just as impactful, picking a limited colour palette and creating understated designs. It evokes a sense of calm and tranquillity in the event while reducing consumption and waste to promote a greener lifestyle.