In a world where stress and anxiety lurk just around the corner, it’s imperative to find your safe space. Where calm surrounds you and tranquillity becomes one with you. So how better than nature itself to bail you out? Flowers have been scientifically proven to de-stress you with their vibrant colours, appealing fragrance and delicate touch.

So this World Health Day, choose flowers, floral candles or essential oils for your home and your loved ones that will alleviate the negatives and compel them to see the brighter and healthier side in life. After all, health always comes first.

Here are some flowers that will instantly relieve stress:


A true elixir of joy, just a glance at a rose is enough to take you down memory lane and remember sweet moments that make you smile. Be it red, white, peach or yellow roses, each embraces a different emotion yet what’s common is their ability to induce positive thoughts, reducing your stress levels instantly. Additionally, its fragrance can reduce anxiety too. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, stop and smell the roses. Literally!

Bouquet in Box Online


A fragrant remedy packed in a beautiful white flower. The health benefits of this bloom are no secret. Its oil promotes great sleep and its aromatic compounds have a positive impact on the nervous system. Keep one ethereal jasmine assortment next to your bed or send it to your loved one’s home and rest assured, there will be happiness all around.

Pink Roses & Jasmine Bouquet in Vase Online

Peace lily

Like your very own beacon of hope, this bloom’s presence is famed for having a soothing effect on the mind. When placed indoors, it acts as a natural air purifier, cleansing the air that surrounds you. It also inspires feelings of spiritual renewal, encouraging you to take up mindful practices like meditation and yoga that help with overall health.

Peace Lily in Vase