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Coffee Table arrangements to Set Your Monsoon Mood Right

Posted on Monday, 20-Jul-2020

The coffee table can speak volumes about you. It is an index to your lifestyle and your values. It is the anchor of your living space, creating a design statement and serves as a valuable visual focal point. Chances of the coffee table being a clutter magnet is also pretty high and since it is where most visions go, we got to make a conscious practical decision of keeping things in a basket tucked under the table. What kind of person are you? Let your coffee table tell your tale: 

  1. Victorian Vintage: Lively and bright, yet muted. The Victorian vintage style suits the history buff and someone who loves antiques best. Use shabby-chic ceramics, table pieces from your ancestral home, candlesticks in vintage patterns to do it up. Use a miniature terrarium over some live greens like succulent plants. Use vanilla flavoured candles for a yummy, warm fragrance to finish up a lovely sensory experience.

Victorian Vintage

2. Geometry Play: This style goes great to portray a practical yet fun person who loves patterns. Mix up vases, pen stands and book stands in geometric structures of sharp cuts and line play. You can try them in bright colours and play with a mixed texture. Let flowers in bright colours take the centre stage that also adds a touch of quirk.

3. Gold Glam: Unapologetically glamorous! This is how we’d sum this one up. Use eclectic colours with a balancing mix of whites, nudes and gold accents. Pops of fuchsia for a throw or a table accessory adds a fun feminine element. Use small size matte gold modern sculptures, gold tray with pearl detailing or a hand sculpture with some bling on. Luxe flowers like peonies in subtle shades would add further to the glam quotient.

Gold Glam

4. Earthy Charm: The eco-friendly, nature loving personality is got a very good reason to put it on the table for sure! A distressed painted, rustic wooden table can be great base to an Earthy setting. Add a piece of drift wood or simply a gorgeous polished pebble for a paper weight. Use earth tone elements like metals in warm shades, green vases, and a vintage style mini globe. Use a small birdcage with live plants inside for a symbolic, thought-provoking center piece. A raffia basket would do well here and also serve practical purpose of clearing out the clutter. 

Earthy charm, flower arrangement

5. Cute and Chic: Now who doesn’t love pink and gold? This one has to be thought out well, as an interesting, off beat table is the hero. Take as much time as you need to find something like this that spells chic. A twisted structure or a structure that imitates your favourite element would look great over a fur rug. Use crystal vases and pearls. Glitter cushion cases, fur finishes throws are a must. Add some interesting elements like a magnifying glass or a stop clock to the table. 

Cute and chic

6. Breezy Beachside: Capture the beachy, airy ocean environment to your tabletop with this theme. Use a shall shaped tray in rough ceramic. Resin coasters with shell detailing and a miniature ship would look charming. Use silver candlesticks with fish or shell accents. A fish bowl vase in blue or white with simple white orchids swaying away can complete the look.

Beachy breeze

7. Metals and Mirrors: Perfect for a playful personality, this one likes playing peek a boo with sunlight. Use sunlight catchers to dangle over the table corner. A few disco balls on reflective glass tray will do well. Use jelly in interesting glass containers to add more scope for sunlight play. Add a metal flower vase with white and yellow flowers for an added element of fun. 

metals and mirrors

8. Modern Minimalist: An amalgamation of natural and simplistic modern elements can make a space truly unique and futuristic. The coffee table itself can be metal wireframes with thick tops that are functional and stable. A large vase with minimal stems of flowers and even lesser fillers reinstate simplicity. Clean bends, and sharp twists form the core to this style.


Whatever the style you pick, let it be true to your personality. And while it charms your guests, let it be a rooting reminder of who you are!

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