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Posh and Polished

Posted on Friday, 26-Jun-2020

The very trendy wedding theme of Posh and Polished was the pick for our very trendy bride. What is one thing a girl wants from her wedding? To be remembered! Like an iconic event that gets etched in everyone’s memory to last forever. And that is exactly what our designers set out to do. The setting was a hall and lobby of The Ritz-Carlton, Pune and our decor needed to enhance and not take away from the already elegant setting. The grandeur of the new 7-star hotel was also being opened to most who’s-who of the country for the first time with our splendid décor. The décor complimented the gorgeous venue well, like a celebration of the place itself along with the celebration of the couple. A blend of luxury and elegance paired with provocative deep hues is what defined this cocktail evening. The Posh and Polished theme is called so because of the rich hues of burgundy, textures of velvet combined with matte metallics. 

The popular wedding trend of Posh and Polish has luxury and elegance at its core. Matte metals and luxe textures of velvet blend in to form a classic yet cosmopolitan affair. This evening decor for a cocktail party included three major elements. The highlight of the event was the central awe-inspiring central installation that was placed right below a massive chandelier. With a powerful and fearless style, this installation took thousands of flower stems before transforming into a layered creation by combining and melting colours together. The sheer grandeur and beauty of the installation set a first great impression that left no heads unturned. Rich berry and Bordeaux colors played well together creating effects of layered complexity through flowers of different textures. The purpose was to evoke emotion and create a conspicuous style that is powerful yet warm and amiable. 

Elegance, subtle sensuousness and sophistication is what the vibe was and combination of velvety textures of dark toned and white/cream flowers brought balance and softness creating an aura of aristocracy. The flower wall combined modern print media with actual flowers. Our designers simply wanted to draw attention to the varied hues present in a single flower. This wall decor featured a massive flower made with over 1000 stems of flowers. This exaggerated version of a flower teaming with rich hues of the Posh and Polished theme was blended with lighter coloured flowers to bring out the softness of a petal.

The dark hued florals got their magic working with this overhead dining table centre piece. The sheer richness casted an intoxicating spell through deep tones flowers. The combined fragrance and the very sight enriched the mind and our soul. The guests drooled over the insanely gorgeous dinner table floral runner. The luxe tones worked their spell again in stunning burgundy hues in phalaenopsis , hellebores, hydrangea and Italian ruscus.

 Several sundown arrangements dotted the table tops, small but intriguingly lovely. A touch of sauve class, this one was a witness to happy laughters and endless banters and ofcourse, admiring glances! 


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