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Flower Arrangements- Choosing a Perfect Vase Is the Key

Posted on Thursday, 27-Dec-2018

Received fresh flowers as a gift? Have a flower arrangement in mind for your home or office?

It is rightly said that you should never judge a book by its cover. But when you look at a vase, you most definitely need to judge it. The shape and size of vases is very crucial in deciding how your flower arrangement will look and thrive. But don’t feel daunted; selecting the perfect vase for the arrangement you have in mind is as easy as clicking fingers. Here is a small and simple guide to help you pick the right one.

Cylindrical or Column Vases

Cylindrical Vase

These slender, tall vases are perfect for flowers that have long stems. So if you have a flower arrangement consisting of sunflowers, lilies, and gladioli in mind, then this is your vase. The beauty of this kind of flower pot is that you can experiment with a bunch of flowers or just one or two blooms. Either way, this vase will make your space look lively and attractive.

Round Vases

Round Vase

If the flower arrangement in your mind is shorter and plump, then you need to go for a round vase. You will have to cut the stems of the chosen flowers to fit the vase. The flowers will look lovelier if tied together like in a bouquet instead of just placing them in it.

Cube Vases

Cube Vase

Looking for a simple yet grand looking holder for your short-stemmed, voluminous but not too wide flowers? Then you have found your perfect flower match in the cute and stylish cube vases. Since these are wide in size and short in height, flowers like frangipanis, succulents, violets or anemones are most appropriate for it. You can add stones and foliage to the vase for a more classy effect.  

Rectangular Vases

Rectangular Vase

If you are looking to turn up modernity quotient in your space, then rectangular vases will do it for you. These sleek, easy looking, and utterly contemporary vases are a delight to decorate with flowers. Choose these flower holders for flowers that have a good width and height growth, like tulips or daffodils.

Hourglass Vases

Hourglass Vase

These pretty looking vases are a favourite of many because of their versatility and the ability to look great in any part of the room. This flower container is perfect for flowers that are short in height but have large heads like hydrangeas, roses, peonies, etc.

Bud Vases

Bud Vase

Looking for a flower pot for your dinner table? Then the right one for you are bud vases. These small vases are perfect for placing one or two blooms around the dinner table. Their short height and petite flower arrangement will not prove a hindrance on the table or between conversations.

Chose the right match for your arrangement? Now have fun placing your flowers in them. If you are still confused, you can buy exquisite blooming beauties from We have flowers arranged in their perfect pots by expert florists.

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