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How to Make Your Own Perfume with Fragrant Flowers

Posted on Tuesday, 20-Nov-2018

If you love to groom your personality with aromatic fragrances or perfumes and always make sure that you smell nice before leaving your home, then it is quite evident that you love to buy perfumes or deodorants quite often. There are plenty of secondary ingredients other than oils or flowers that are used to make perfumes and these ingredients are mostly chemicals or synthetic scents that can cause serious health issues. Interestingly, if you want to use perfumes without having the fear of being affected by chemicals, the following guide on how to make a home-made, organic perfume with fresh flowers is apt for you. There are many flowers that one can use to make perfumes at home and which flowers you should go for depends on the kind of fragrance you want to develop. Some of the commonly used flowers are rose, lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and honeysuckles. Flowers form the basis of the smell of your perfume, so choosing ideal flowers based on the vague idea you have of the desired fragrance is an important task.

Essential Ingredients

1.5 cups of fresh cut flowers, a cheesecloth, one medium-sized bowl with a lid, a saucepan, two cups of distilled water, and a properly washed vanilla extract bottle/a coloured bottle with a lid. You can also buy stylish bottles online if you do not want to use a boring, dull container.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Your Own Perfume At Home with Flowers

  1. Properly wash the petals of the flowers you have chosen and remove the dirt and sedimentary particles with fresh water.
  2. Rinse the flowers and cover the insides of the bowl with the cheesecloth whose edges overlap the bowl. Put the flowers into the bowl and then fill it with some water to cover the blossoms. Place the lid on the bowl to cover it and then let the flowers rinse overnight.
  3. After some hours or on the next day, take off the lid and slowly bring the edges of the cheesecloth together in order to separate the flowers from the water. Squeeze the cheesecloth full of the flowers over a small bowl to extract the flower-flavoured water. Boil the water at a low temperature until you get a spoon of the remaining liquid.
  4. Let the liquid cool down for a while. Fill the perfume bottle with the liquid and cover it with its lid or cap. The perfume is going to last for a month or two if kept in a dark, relatively cool place.

This simple perfume is not only going to make you smell good, but it is also going to be chemical-free and natural. You can also choose a variety of fragrant flowers to give your perfume a unique fragrance. So the next time when you get a bouquet of roses or lilies, make sure you put them to a better use. Create your own perfume from the flowers received and enjoy your flower gift for a longer time.  

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