Fathers are our real-life heroes, way ahead of the Avengers and DC characters we grew up watching. Our heroes without capes have been the first love of every daughter and the first role model of every son out there. Don’t you think you owe them for being the best man and your constant support? While it may take a lifetime to repay, a simple gesture with all your heart can create the same magic in him.

Embrace his fatherhood and make him feel his best by carefully selecting a unique flower type that represents his qualities and devotion or reflects his personality. Every flower has its own language and speaks its own messages, so convey words to your dad through flowers this time.

Surprise Your Fathers the Classic Way: Traditional flower for Father’s Day

With the special day knocking on your door, the pressure to select the perfect gift for your dad must be increasing. Dads are the only people on the planet who value your efforts and appreciation for them more than the most expensive gifts. So show your gratitude and love with these traditional flowers for Father’s Day.


In many cultures, red roses have taken on the role of official flowers for Father’s Day. They are an ideal way of showcasing your appreciation and love for your father. You can even add a special note to let your dad know how much you care about him.

Rose for Father's Day


Orchids come in a wide range of types and colours, require minimal care, and last longer. This makes these blooms an ideal gift for fathers. Their longevity is also symbolic of your unending love for your dad and vice versa.

Orchids for Fathers Day


Let your father know that he is your best and true friend with these extraordinary flowers. Daisy flowers are symbolic of friendships and closely-knit relationships. They are the best way to express gratitude to the father figure in your life.

Daisy for Father's Day

Present Graceful Blooms: Best Flowers to Gift this Father’s Day

It must be not easy to find the best Father’s Day flowers online. Therefore, to make your task easier, we have curated a list of flowers suitable for fathers who are at different stages of their lives.

White Rose

These flowers symbolise love and sympathy for a deceased father. They represent purity and love and convey your sentiments for people and families.

White Roses


Hydrangeas are a great way to wish Father’s Day to your father-in-law or soon-to-be father-in-law. These flowers represent strength and beauty, which is perfect for exhibiting your respect for him.



Sunflowers are the best flowers for a father-to-be. They are the epitome of new beginnings, commitment, and joy. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, show them appreciation with a bunch of sunflowers on Father’s Day. These flowers are also ideal for a new dad. The bright and cheerful appearance of sunflowers can uplift and energise the environment, like the new addition to the family.

Sunflower for Dad

Pick a Stunning Special flower arrangement for Dad by Interflora

Make your Father’s Day online bouquet even more memorable with these special hamper arrangements from Interflora. Give the superheroes in your life a gift filled with the most thoughtful items. Order a floral arrangement with lip-smacking items such as chocolates, almond praline, chocolate jar cake, date palm, gypso, etc., for your Superman. This beautiful hamper with same-day delivery Father’s Day gifts will bring an ear-to-ear smile to his face. Further, the artistically positioned blooms will surely make your dad’s day extra special. The sweet, subtle fragrance will improve the aura of the room and surrounding area.

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